Axero Named Top Performer, New Dark Mode for Intranet Mobile App, and Leverage Power of Storytelling

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Axero recognized as a top performer by FeaturedCustomers

featuredcustomers intranet award

We’re excited to share that Axero has been named a Top Performer in the intranet category in FeaturedCustomer’s Summer 2022 Customer Success Report! FeaturedCustomers collects verified reviews from the people who know the software the best – customers and users! Learn more about what our customers love most about Axero.

New: Dark mode for mobile

intranet mobile app dark mode

Dark mode has a ton of benefits, like giving your eyes relief from screen time to extending the battery life on your devices. That’s why we took our desktop option to the Axero mobile app! Learn more about how dark mode for the Axero mobile app works.

Curious about Axero’s mobile app? Access your workplace from anywhere – white label apps are available, too! Here’s everything you need to know about the mobile app – from features and functionality, to customization and user experience.

New: Challenges added to Recognition leaderboard

intranet recognition tool

In Axero, you have many ways to encourage engagement. Some customers like to incite friendly competition by leveraging the challenges tool. Others like to highlight outstanding colleagues by sending them a kudos for everyone to see.

The Recognition leaderboard is where your entire intranet community can see who’s been earning awards. And with the new addition of challenges in the leaderboard, users can now see how many challenges each user participated in.

We have a bunch more updates to share! Learn about everything new by going to our enhancements page.

Discover everything new.

Ebook: Leverage the science of storytelling

Employee Recognition and the Powerful Science of Storytelling

employee recognition

For internal communications professionals, the more you engage the brain, the more people can understand and remember the message you’re trying to get across.

In fact, Paul J. Zak, American neuroeconomist, found that people better understand and remember a speaker’s key points when using character-driven stories with emotional content.

This is because humans by nature are social creatures, so if you can craft your message in a way that resonates with your employees, you can amplify important information, humanize leadership, and foster positive behaviors. Let’s talk about the power of storytelling.

With this ebook you will gain:

  1. The science of storytelling and the emotional impact it can have on your organization.
  2. What to write, how to interview employees, and how to write authentic employee recognition stories.
  3. The best places to publish employee recognition stories, and how these stories bring information to life.

Axero How-tos and Tips

We have many exciting how-to’s and tips to share with you to help your team make the most of Axero:

How to send custom notifications for contentnew!

intranet custom content notifications

Keep your users in the loop about new content in Axero by reaching them where they will see it. Send Slack notifications, automated emails, wall posts, or intranet alerts—all with custom messages, too!

How to edit recurring eventsnew!

intranet recurring events

In Axero, you can integrate with third-party calendars or do all of your scheduling exclusively in your intranet. If you have a holiday that’s interfering with a recurring event, here’s a new and easy option to edit or cancel a single instance or a whole series of events.

(As an added bonus, Axero also integrates with Zoom, so you can add meeting details in just one click.)

How to filter and sort bookmarksnew!

Use bookmarks to store and quickly access important places in Axero. With the new filter and sort option, users can take organization to the next level. Filter through bookmarks by typing a keyword in the search box or sort alphabetically or by most recently added.

Read of the Month

Biggest Challenge at Work series: How to Get Your Employees to Work Together

how to get employees to work together

Here’s a relatable “Biggest Challenge at Work” submission:

“Employees who cannot work together respectfully. (I’m a new supervisor trying to pull together a team that has a history of not working well together.)”

If you’re in a leadership or management position, you know one of the most important parts of your job, and one of the biggest challenges, is overseeing people. Managing personality differences, conflicts, and ensuring effective teamwork takes place is how everyone stays on track efficiently. It’s also how teams achieve collective goals. So… what can you, as a manager, do about it?

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