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Employee Intranet Software

Employee Intranet Software.

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Fuel your internal teams and allow them to execute on the work they do everyday. No other platform gives you so much choice and flexibility.

Employee Intranet Software


Communifire - An Intranet for Employees

Unless they are working in a tech position, it’s entirely possible that the words employee intranet software mean nothing to employees. But, there’s a simple explanation for this type of software:

It’s a series of software programs and features often housed on a company’s network that employees use to communicate with each other and the public, organize and track projects; executives can use this kind of software to track what projects their employees are working on and to motivate their employees as well.

How Companies are Using Communifire

Axero Solutions’ intranet software allows employees and executives to do these tasks and more. Communifire allows employees to be social, to be productive and to be organized. Its features allow executives to keep up to date on employee projects, to promote the company and its projects through specially designed blogs, forums and web pages and to create contests and programs to boost employee morale, which they can then disseminate throughout the company using the company intranet software.

Why Communifire?

What is unique about Communifire is the breadth of things that the program allows business owners, employees and sales professionals to do. Popular features in this software program include:

  • Social knowledge management: Communifire helps business owners to organize information so that it’s easy to search, and allows employees to create a knowledge base organically. By responding to requests for information and getting feedback on the information gathered, this helps businesses to improve the quality of the information in the database.
  • A social networking platform: Communifire is a social networking platform designed for business, organizations seeking to further their cause or to connect interest groups.
  • Team collaboration tools: With Communifire, business owners can create online workspaces for groups, making collaboration easier and content management faster. There are tools for team conversation, calendars and much more to help teams work together more effectively.
  • Social customer support: Communifire is great for employees and even for customers. You can create communities for customers to interact with each other and with your employees; business owners can simplify their case management tasks with by organizing the systems used to answer questions.

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