Knowledge Sharing Tools

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Knowledge Sharing Tools


Use Communifire’s Knowledge Sharing Apps to Fuel Your Business

Achieve desired outcomes in less time when using Communifire’s cloud-based platform.

As CEO, what are your biggest organizational challenges? If you’re like many executives, common challenges center around team management, improved communication, and enhanced collaboration. But do you have the tools needed to solve such complex problems? Welcome to Communifire — your all-in-one enterprise solution.

With Communifire’s knowledge sharing tools, collaboration across teams, departments, and locations occurs seamlessly and in real time. Customize anything within Communifire to make it your own, from branding and imagery to code and integrations.

There’s no excuse for communication gaps, lost files, and poorly managed projects when working securely in the cloud, as the lines of communication are always open. Use our software to tackle multiple challenges, like poor productivity or slow customer service response times, while encouraging each member of your team to take an active role as a vested stakeholder in your business.

Discover how Communifire’s knowledge management software prepares your business for the future.


  • Distribute announcements, updates, and accolades instantly
  • Publish virtual information hubs accessible by everyone or a select group
  • Promote healthy discussion in moderated forums while resolving concerns
  • Empower employees to help and support others through file, image, and video sharing
  • Streamline and customize the flow of communication in a single platform
  • Expedite product and service delivery via improved work flow management

Features Overview

  • Use employee profiles to highlight skills, provide contact information, or instantly message others in your organization. A social feature that encourages unity among teams, profiles are both practical and conversation-sparking. Make friends, compare notes, and collaborate with one click.
  • Give your employees knowledge sharing tools that adjust to personal preferences. Though some may prefer reviewing a Wiki page, others are more engaged with new information when presented in visual form. Communifire provides a way to organize knowledge to appeal to different viewers.
  • Prevent time-wasting tasks, like writing emails, searching for files, and making trips to the printer when using Communifire’s dynamic file manager. Control who views, changes, or uploads files, or choose to make certain files publicly available depending on your business needs. Track revision cycles, view comments, and preview forms in seconds.
  • Develop a community of brand or cause ambassadors using Communifire’s knowledge sharing tools. Whether public or private, communities are place for like-minded users to gather, collaborate, and effect change. Featuring moderation tools to keep conversations goal-focused, our platform simplifies communication in various virtual environments.
  • Publish original videos, curated videos, or webinars to quickly share information with employees or customers. A fun medium through which to welcome new employees, help existing employees refine their skills, or offer in-depth training programs, video grabs attention faster and holds it longer than text. Categorize uploaded content, review comments, and gain ratings as you go.
  • Find anything within Communifire, from documents and images to conversations and people, using Smart Search. Because all published content is indexed, locating a related conversation, wall post, or file is a lightning fast process. Don’t waste another minute searching for important information when Communifire does the hard work for you.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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