Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization with interactive social and productivity tools.

From activity streams and notifications to task management and calendars, these social intranet tools keep you in-the-know and your projects on track.

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Social & Productivity Apps

Activity Streams.

This is your home for all the latest updates in your organization. It’s microblogging and a news feed in one–a real-time stream of all the latest developments, content and conversations you care about. Post status updates to let everyone know what’s up, and include @Mentions and #hashtags to add more value and context to your discussions.

Activity Streams Software

Real-Time Notifications.

What you need to act on.

Notifications give you quick access to everything about you. And they help you act efficiently by letting you know what needs your attention. Behind the scenes, we’ve specially designed notifications to be incredibly fast and scalable. So you get the updates you need in real time without having to refresh your page. That means you can focus on what matters most and take action the moment it’s needed.

Notifications & Alerts


Say goodbye to email.

Communifire Chat is a fully featured, mobile-ready, real-time chat application that keeps you and your team connected. Send private direct messages or engage an entire group. And if someone isn’t online, no worries–the chat messages will be waiting in their inbox as soon as they’re online. With modern chat features like emojis, file sharing, & online status messages, your teams may never open their email inbox again.

Communifire Chat and Messages

Task Manager.

Turn your to-do’s into to-done’s.

Keep track of what’s due, when it’s due, and who’s responsible for getting it done. The task manager is great for scheduling project phases, due dates, and deliverables. Quickly organize your tasks by creating lists, keeping similar tasks grouped together. Drag-and-drop tasks to order them in the sequence they need to be done, then check them off as you complete them. Use the filter options to hide and show your lists, see the tasks you’ve completed in the past, and display them by the space they are located in. Everyone gets their own personal task manager and each space has one too.


Never miss a date again.

Keep your life in order by organizing your schedule and tracking meetings and important dates. You can even share your entire calendar with your team or invite specific people to individual events. Custom reminders will help you get to your next meeting on time, plus setup recurring events so you never miss an important date.

Forums & Discussions.

Spark up a conversation.

Discussion forums, the heart of old-school online communities, still have a value and purpose for collaboration today. They let you quickly engage groups of people in an open discussion and crowdsource answers to a question or insight about a topic. Setup groups of forums to create places for discussions about a variety of topics surrounding your business. Reward positive participation and mark threads on posts as the answer to a question, highlighting it as part of your searchable knowledge base for future reference. Add tags to each post to provide deeper context for searching, browsing, and information seeking. Use the fine-grained permissions to give specific people the ability to curate all of the content, or open it up and give everyone the ability to drive moderation.   

Support Your Team.

Open and close support tickets.

Communifire’s Issue Tracker is great for tracking just about anything, from customer support and help desk requests, to software bugs and project tasks. You can set up as many trackers as you like, because each space you create has one built right into its fabric. Anyone can easily submit a case, issue, question, or ticket, then choose its status, priority, category, and add tags to provide further context. Assign it to someone and loop in additional people when you need their input. Everyone gets notified on updates and everyone can provide their expertise to find a solution or answer. You can sort and filter on just about every field, making it easy to find what you’re looking for, and each status is color coded, so you can quickly identify new, open, in-progress, or closed cases. Just about everything is configurable, so you can make it fit your existing workflows. And you can even check out the real-time reports to see a high-level view on how your team is doing. 


Take your ideas from concept to reality.

Tap into the power of your employees, customers and partners to surface the best thoughts, opinions and ideas. Give your people a platform to explore their creativity and give voice to their vision. Then through commenting and voting, the best ideas can bubble to the top.

Fast implementation.

Weeks not months.

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