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The Private Social Business Software for Collaborative Teams.

From connecting your employees and streamlining communication to enhancing collaboration with your customers and managing content, Communifire combines it all into a flexible, integrated social business software platform.

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Trusted by the world’s top brands.

97% of our clients are actively using the software after 5 years. Millions of employees and hundreds of customers all over the globe trust Communifire as their modern intranet.

Community. Conversation. Content. Collaboration.

Communifire integrates intranet software, collaboration tools, and knowledge sharing into a complete social business platform.

Improve Workplace Communication.

Communifire helps you communicate more effectively with your employees, customers, and partners. Break down location, organizational, and time barriers. Start conversations and share knowledge across your company.

Increase Employee Engagement.

Create, manage and leverage collective knowledge, talent, and expertise to solve problems quicker, make better decisions, and innovate faster. Connect your employees with the information they need to do their job.

Build Customer Loyalty and Retention.

Connect and serve your customers through the same integrated social business platform. Provide self-help resources, build a knowledge base, reduce email support, and give your customers white-glove service.

Check Out What is Truly Possible with Communifire’s Modern, Flexible Platform.

Now you can do it all with just one integrated platform.

Social intranet

Intranet Software

Create a vibrant and active intranet portal where your employees work with people, data, and documents. Publish company news and keep everyone updated and in sync.

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Internal communications

Internal Communications

From activity streams and notifications to private messaging and microblogging, Communifire gives you an integrated environment for sharing, connecting, collaborating, and communicating.

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Team collaboration

Team Collaboration

Give your people the power to self-organize into project teams. Work with people inside and outside your business. Setup secure online workspaces to collaborate on tasks and share files.

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Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Proactively document and organize your company’s knowledge. Build knowledge organically from collaboration and conversations. Make information social and searchable.

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Employee engagement

Make some powerful new connections.

From productivity tools to activity streams to gamification, badges, and leaderboards, Communifire has everything your people need to get engaged in the digital workplace.

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Privacy and security

Your data belongs to you.

Everything you do with Communifire is protected by strong privacy and security features. That’s because we build data security into everything we make, right from the start.

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Imagine One Central, Instantly Searchable Space for All Your Files, Discussions, Processes, and FAQs.

Manage, capture, share, organize and contextualize content. Communication and collaboration typically revolves around content. Communifire has a powerful and easy-to-use content creation and knowledge management system built right in. The content you add to Communifire instantly becomes social and shareable. Whether you’re uploading documents, photos and videos, or publishing new content in blogs, wikis, and articles, your people can interact with it by commenting, liking, rating, and sharing.

Find Documents and People Instantly.

Whether you upload a file, post a discussion, or update the Wiki, people can instantly find it with search or navigation.

Build and Update Organically.

Work together seamlessly to create helpful content with easy-to-use publishing tools like wiki pages, blogs, and articles.

Make it Relevant to Day-to-Day Work.

This isn’t a silo. Because people go here to collaborate on their other projects, it’s the first place they’ll look for company knowledge and documents.

Unify and Engage Your Employees With Powerful Internal Communications That Actually Work.

Communicate and engage with a broad audience. Communifire becomes the hub of your company communications between employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, and anyone else you’d like to involve in the conversation. It’s a single place for secure private messaging, individual and group chats, discussions around documents and content, status updates, and more. Communicate in real-time and asynchronously through a wide range of integrated components. You’ll see an increase in productivity, a reduction in face-to-face meetings, and your people will be more connected.

Social Business Tools

Article and News Manager

Keep everyone inside and outside your business up to date — great for sharing news, press releases, and formal information.

Blogging Platform

Get your organization talking and sharing with your own enterprise-level blogging platform.

Chat and Instant Messaging

Stay connected to your team with a fully featured, mobile-ready chat tool. See who’s available and start a conversation–with one person or everyone.

Activity Streams

What’s happening now? Check your Activity Stream to see what the people – and groups – you follow are doing.


Be informed and ready to act with real-time information meant to keep you moving.

Discussion Forums

Kick-start collaboration with vibrant online communities. Crowdsource answers to questions and tap into the mind of your organization.

Spark Team Collaboration.

Work together with everyone, anywhere, anytime. Communifire gives you a full range of social collaboration tools. You get wikis, blogs, task management, personal and shared calendars, video and photo sharing, activity streams, notifications and more. They are familiar and easy to use, eliminating most, if not all of the learning curve for your employees. Connect people across your organization and departments to get real work done, not just have conversations. Discover expertise by tapping into collective knowledge and human assets inside and outside your organization. Break down silos and share information with the people who need it, when they need it.

Social Collaboration Tools

Launch Online Workspaces.

Organize people and information naturally. In real world business scenarios, people form sub-groups, such as departments, teams, or interest groups, and need a workspace where they can connect. In Communifire, most work and collaboration is done Spaces, sub-communities that have their own membership, apps that you can turn on and off, and independent rules and permissions. You can create Spaces for your company departments, projects, customers, interest groups, or anything else you want to gather around. All the collaboration, conversations, and content are organized in your Spaces, easy to find whenever they are needed.

Intranet File Management

Stay in Complete Control.

You determine who can see and do what. The security, permissions management, and moderation in Communifire is robust and flexible — able to serve a diverse set of requirements. You can have everyone contribute openly and freely, where everyone is involved and no one feels left out. When you have sensitive information that can only be seen by people who know how to handle it, you can lock it down. Empower your employees and even open your Communifire community to partners and customers, while still maintaining full control.

Social Collaboration Tools