Knowledge Base System

Having a System to Manage Knowledge is Important.

Grow your business with Communifire knowledge base software. It’s easy to learn and easy to use.

Knowledge Base System


Create a Comprehensive Knowledge Base with Communifire

Experience seamless communication and efficient knowledge management with Communifire.

How does information flow within your organization? Is everything accessible and where it needs to be, or is the entire process time consuming? When your clients begin to suffer, it’s well beyond time to implement a different solution.

With Communifire, solving the puzzle of building a knowledge base system takes virtually no time at all. Because information is securely kept in one place, viewing, editing, and sharing data occurs within seconds. By eliminating repetitive tasks and complex file management, our cloud-based knowledge management software simplifies communication while streamlining the way in which every department functions.

Destroy time sinks, work flow interruptions, and endless email conversations when using Communifire to expertly manage every last detail. Between familiar social tools, sophisticated search, and granular permissions, information at each level of your organization is accessible to those who need it most.

Uncover the true value of seamless communication and knowledge base management with Communifire.


  • Improve the collaboration and communication internally and with customers
  • Expedite training processes using video, images, and Wikis accessible from any device
  • Create custom support hubs for employees, customers, vendors, or community members
  • Save time and conserve resources when channeling conversations in the cloud
  • Distribute content, announcements, or direct messages instantly
  • Encourage team members to build rapport with one other throughout your business

Features Overview

  • Turn otherwise ordinary tasks into trending topics with Communifire’s social features, like ratings and comments, which are designed to encourage engagement. In addition to keeping all important parties involved, you can use this aspect of Communifire to bring others into a conversation with @mentions or categorize topics with #hashtags.
  • Creating a knowledge base system is a breeze when working in the cloud. Between pages and Wikis, developing specific hubs of information takes minutes while offering the flexibility of a custom-built software platform. Incorporate charts, graphs, maps, links, videos, and nearly any other digital component to fully illustrate a concept or topic.
  • Improve management of projects, schedules, and files at a granular level without involving extraneous processes. From tracking case resolution to managing schedules in real time, get more accomplished automatically with Communifire’s innovative features. Instantly prepare attendees for a meeting, publish a webinar, or distribute branded content to streamline communication.
  • Establish safe, helpful places for customers, employees, or community members to voice their concerns with customizable discussion forums. Designate users who have moderator privileges to manage approvals, help resolve issues, and solve problems. Once marked as resolved, an issue can be quickly reviewed using Smart Search, which prevents duplicate tasks.
  • Incorporate imagery into your company’s training and communication process without special equipment or tools. Using Communifire’s knowledge base system, you’re able to instantly create virtual information hubs of original or curated content. Invite viewers to comment, rate, and Like video or photo albums to build excitement about a topic or initiative.
  • Publish employee or client-facing web pages designed to house the most relevant information as it pertains to the intended audience. Quickly create a page where customers can access assistance, use self-service support, and place an order to make the best use of your resources while enhancing your brand’s accessibility. Likewise, employees view a custom welcome page outlining important updates, news, key projects, and more.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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