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Intranet Software for Communications Companies

Intranet Software for Communications Companies

If you're looking for easy-to-use intranet software for your communications company then you've come to the right place. Communifire is an integrated set of tools that you can use to connect your people, organize your work and get things done.

Starting at $100 / month for 10 users.


Intranet Software for Communications Companies

You want Social Intranet Software that makes it easy for you to organize your company's people, documents, and data. That's a given. But what about one that enables you to do more?

Imagine a new kind of intranet. An intranet that your people actually find value in visiting. An intranet that unites your employees, energizes your workplace, and is ridiculously easy to learn and simple to use.

Communifire takes the concepts of old and clunky intranets and transforms them into an easy-to-use collaboration, communication, and knowledge management platform.

Working Smarter is Better.

You've got communication strategists, writers and digital specialists everywhere, but you work together on one platform. Speed up approvals and share large media files quickly. Let Communifire do the heavy lifting so you are free to get your best work done.

Communifire Key Features

Intranet Software for Communications Companies

Your Own Distinctive Homepage

Intranet Homepage

Define your intranet homepage on your terms so that it mirrors what's important in your communications company and offers distinctive value to you. Add information from your various departments and projects and turn your homepage into an active resource that your communications specialists and workforce love and turn to regularly for insight.

Personalize your homepage with your logo, links and company info. Highlight important updates. Add feeds from your popular applications. You can customize your homepage with new functionality as well. We can help you brainstorm viable options to match your vision and then we'll build it for you, free of charge.

Workspaces for Your Teams

Intranet Workspaces

Communifire's robust online workspaces are flexible and dynamic places where you can form groups to work and collaborate together on any projects or topics of interest. You can easily add more members at any time and invite people from outside your organization as well. Manage your projects and grow your community relationships. Encourage open collaboration and dialogue, while keeping your conversations flowing and in con-text. Leverage powerful features for sharing files, adding events, holding conversations and creating content. Choose privacy and moderation settings as well as permission settings. Brand your workspaces to match your group, team and projects. Share regular news updates and documents through your workspaces. Turn your workspaces into productive hubs. Draw upon other powerful Communifire features such as shared calendars, task management, document management, publishing tools and social collaboration. Share insight quickly, connect and collaborate and see your productivity grow.

In-Depth Company Directory & Employee Profiles

Intranet Company Directory

When you've got a project to work on, you can easily find the best people in your company to work on it using Communifire's company directory. Discover rich insight on the people that make up your organization. Every member has a user profile that includes a photograph, name, personal, work, and contact information. The member also can publish content and share a dynamic feed of real-time updates including links, blogs, imagery, events, photos and videos. Every member profile is also linked to their activity stream, an index of the content they've created, their relationships, and the spaces and groups they are a part of.

When you've got everyone under one roof, it is easier to find the people you need to get work done that requires specific expertise or business knowledge. Connect your employees and management through your own social intranet software. Encourage idea sharing and problem-solving. While your team may be global, they're all accessible via your company directory at any time. Share your own status updates and expertise. Spark conversations by mentioning people (@johnsmith for example) and using hashtags (#watercooler).

Publish Communications, News, Announcements and Updates

Intranet Workplace Communication

Whether you've finished a new visual identity or you have major company news to share, publish it and share it with your entire organization through your Activity Stream. You can select relevant aspects to share to the HomePage. Every user can personalize his or her individual feed and get just necessary information about relevant projects, departments and concerns. Keep your teams engaged and encourage social feedback through the use of the “like” button or commenting similar to microblogging.

Intranet Document Management

Intranet Document Management

Documents arrive and leave your organization all day long. Keeping on top of this daily flow of information can seem overwhelming at first. However, Communifire makes this process easy and efficient. Instead of sending files via email or using folders for dump-ing files, you can upload your documents and files to Communifire's platform. Easily search through documents for specific content or by author or project name and pull up all related information instantly. Speed up approvals and share large media files effortlessly. Get to work faster and encourage your creative communications team to be their best.

If you have multiple versions of a file, you can also review versions via Version Control. Preview documents prior to downloading them. Add feedback with the “like” button tool or adding comments on documents.

Task Management

Intranet Task Management

Manage all your projects - large and small - with Communifire's Task Management system. Whether you are working with professionals around the world or in-house, you've got tasks for each project phase. Assigning and managing these tasks does not have to be difficult or take a lot of time. Communifire makes it easy. Schedule project phases. Add due dates. Log in to see what has been done and what remains to be completed ahead. Keep your teams working productively. Check in periodically to assess progress. You can also check off completed tasks and assign new ones as each project phase ends and new one begins, thus maintaining momentum and a smooth flow to daily operations. Keep your creatives, developers and administration productive and get work done.

Calendars - Personal and Shared

Intranet Calendars

Keep your workweek organized with Communifire's personal and shared calendars. Get the most out of your workweek. Organize your time, adding appointments, meetings and events to your personal calendar. Invite your staff, partners and clients to events. Enjoy the ease of use in Communifire's calendar system that offers an attractive and viable alternative to Outlook calendar and Google calendars. You can easily add items to your calendars, moving them around, personalizing them and inviting members with just a few clicks. Drag and drop activities into time slots. Change events easily. Create events and share them with your colleagues, your communications team and your clients. Add reminders for important events. Invite members to your upcoming events and meetings. Send invitations right from the calendar or tied to your email. Personalize your calendar on your terms and color code events and meetings for easy identification.

Contextual Search

Intranet Search Engine

You've got data and documents coming in from every direction. Keeping up with the onslaught of this information apart from organizing requires the ability to retrieve relevant information when you need it. Communifire makes this process easy. Find the information you need when you need it, pulling up documents, files, commentary and relevant conversations using the powerful Contextual Search function. Find every file on any topic and pick and choose the content you need. Communifire makes it easy for you to conduct powerful searches fast so you make better, informed decisions.

Launch Your Own Social Intranet in Days Not Months.

Replace your outdated, socially challenged intranet with Communifire, the intranet software for teams that hate intranets. 100% useful. 100% customizable. 100% loved by nearly a million people.

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Communifire Helps Your Company:

Centralized Knowledge

Keep everyone up to date with access to a centralized knowledge base that is frequently updated. Streamline communications and simplify your work process.

Any Browser, Any Device

Liberate your team to work from anywhere with any device. Connect with your developers across the globe while collaborating with your team in-house. Get work done well.

Accelerate Productivity

Avoid using email for information sharing and see your communications speed up and efficiency increase as your workforce is equipped with information in a timely manner.

Search and Find

Communifire's stored centralized knowledge base has a ton of information. Search and find all the information on any given topic. Access the information you need.

Invite and Collaborate

Create groups, inviting colleagues, partners and vendors as you need. Collaborate on projects using online workspaces. Get work done and be more productive.

Organize all Your Info

Information is flowing in and out of your company but keeping it organized is essential for it to be actionable. Keep your information organized with Communifire.

Keep Insight within Context

Uncover valuable insight from your communication pros and share it within context so you can make better decisions easier and faster.

Develop Brand Loyalty For Your Company

Encourage participation from your global workforce. An engaged team offers better customer service, which in turn, translates to brand loyalty, customer retention and profit.

Why Communifire?

  • Many Use Case Scenarios
    Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you get a single, integrated platform for multiple solutions.
  • You Get Customizable Security
    Built with security in mind, Communifire uses the most modern technologies to keep your business data safe.
  • Apply Your Own Style & Brand
    From branding and customization, to integrating with your existing systems, you can make it truly unique.
  • It Adapts to How You Work
    Your business is unique. Communifire is designed to be flexible, you have full control over how it works for you.
  •  Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
    Communifire doesn't require lots of training -- because it was designed with concepts you are already familiar with.
  • Bring Your Own Device
    Communifire gives you an exceptionally fluid interface that adapts automatically based on the device you are using.

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