Project Planning Tools

Keep teams focused with tasks, notifications, and other project management tools.

Encourage team members to stay productive with Communifire’s virtual work spaces. Create permission-based spaces where you can manage projects and tasks, exchange ideas, files, notes, videos, and anything else.

Project Planning


Discover Innovative Project Planning Tools from Communifire

What’s holding your business back from landing and retaining more clients? Whether your company is brand new or gaining momentum as a top brand, it’s up to you to equip employees with the right tools. Welcome to Communifire — your company’s all-in-one collaboration and productivity solution.

Instead of using various programs, involving multiple staff members, and investing resources in inadequate project planning tools, look to Communifire for a secure, engaging, and scalable project management platform. Designed to accommodate the changing demands faced by every business, our software is the last communication solution you’ll need.

Avoid downtime, delayed projects, and time consuming processes once you move all corporate communication to the cloud. Whether a team needs to collaborate, share documents, review training materials, or communicate with clients, the possibilities are endless with Communifire.


  • Streamline business processes for everyone within your organization in the cloud
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks while enhancing productivity with intuitive task management
  • Encourage collaboration and communication using innovative social tools
  • Improve time and staff management with shared calendars and notifications
  • Enjoy higher employee productivity, satisfaction, and engagement rates
  • Monitor projects, tasks, and cases instantly regardless of location or device

Features Overview

  • Engage employees in conversation within Communifire using @mentions, Likes, ratings, and #hashtags. Whether you’re discussing a new project, getting feedback on an event, or talking shop, reaching out to others in the cloud is convenient and secure. Because our software indexes all content, it’s easy to search for relevant conversations, files, and pages in Smart Search.
  • Use project planning tools to monitor task completion, delegate assignments, and track events inside Communifire’ secure interface. From providing support to optimizing work flows, the program’s Case & Issue Tracker can be used to monitor a variety of internal processes.
  • Easily manage staff schedules, team meetings, and company events using a shared calendar to keep everyone updated. Add descriptions, files, images, video, and more to an event to quickly distribute relevant materials or recap an event’s details. No need to guess whether or not an invited party is planning to attend; all communication about scheduled events is housed within Communifire.
  • Distribute information about a client, project, or team clearly and completely when using Wiki pages as a communication tool. Because Wikis are quickly updated, archived, and published, getting your team the most relevant information is as simple as updating a document. Use Wiki pages to outline project specifications, review company financials, or create a detailed hub of client information — the options are virtually endless.
  • Stop searching for files in email, cloud storage, or paper document systems. When working within Communifire, you benefit from secure file management accessible within a few clicks. A backbone of many project planning tools, our File Manager records upload histories, allows permission-based access, and enables simple sharing of documents while keeping everything organized.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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