Project Planning Software

Eliminate repetitive tasks while enhancing productivity with intuitive project management

Stop searching for conversations and files in email and other programs. With Communifire, you can encourage collaboration and communication with innovative social tools in a single platform.

Project Planning Software


Take Productivity to New Heights with Communifire’s Project Planning Software

What would it take for your business to gain more customers while ensuring employee satisfaction? How close are you to making these two goals a reality? If you’re like most CEOs, enhancing productivity and delivering unbeatable service is at the top of your priority list. But how do you plan to get there?

Meet Communifire — the smart alternative to traditional project planning software. Whether you’re looking for a better way to collaborate, communicate, or house ideas, Communifire offers a secure, enterprise-level intranet contained in the cloud. Access important files, conversations, and people from any device regardless of physical location.

Prevent lost revenue and a frustrated workforce when using cutting edge tools to fuel business processes. Designed to simplify communication internally and with clients, our platform combines powerful task management functions with social productivity tools to motivate employees to perform their best work.


  • Unite both local and remote teams in a supportive, cloud-based work environment
  • Keep track of tasks, projects, and events with real time notifications and activity streams
  • Quickly develop project ideas while collaborating with key stakeholders
  • Distribute announcements, instructions, and information instantly
  • Eliminate communication barriers by enhancing company-wide access to employees
  • Protect valuable files and conversations in the cloud

Features Overview

  • Enhance communication throughout your organization with customizable Wiki pages. Use Wikis to distribute everything from project specifications to financial reports and keep a record of updates for later review. Include deep links to related Wiki pages to allow users quick access to supplemental information.
  • Use Communifire’s project planning software to simplify task management at any level of your company. From completing project-related tasks to performing periodic updates, to-do lists and activity streams keep users informed about ongoing changes and what’s coming up next. Because you receive notifications in real time, you stay focused and informed without performing extra work.
  • Track staff hours, invite employees to an event, or distribute meeting materials in seconds when using Communifire’s built-in shared calendar. The days of copying meeting agendas, emailing potential attendees, and sending reminder messages are gone. When using our platform, repetitive and time consuming tasks are eliminated, which saves your company time and resources.
  • Employ a social intranet to encourage employees to build rapport with one another and collaborate easily. Users can create custom profiles, review the employee directory, and join groups to virtually engage with others. Give team members a secure place to brainstorm and share ideas using Ideation. When ready to move to the project phase, create to-do lists and assigned tasks to expedite progress.
  • Develop topic-specific discussion forums for departments and teams while building a searchable database of information using project planning software. From answering policy questions to providing how-tos, forums provide an efficient method of addressing concerns without allocating additional resources to complete the task. Once an issue is resolved, it can be made publicly available for users to review later.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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