Project Management Software

Keep projects organized and monitor project phases with intuitive task management.

Simplify projects and tasks with Communifire. Add comments, rate documents, and start a conversation using familiar social tools.

Project Management Software


Communifire Simplifies Business Processes

Redefine how your company does business with Communifire.

How much of your time as CEO is spent refining internal processes? What would a 10% reduction in project completion time mean to your business? How about 50%? With Communifire, you have the power to streamline internal processes while building a supportive, collaborative virtual work environment and pleasing customers.

Resolve to implement project management software that grows along with your business’ changing demands with Communifire. Featuring familiar social tools and intuitive task management, our platform is a secure, flexible communication solution for growing companies.

Avoid the pitfalls associated with outdated communication systems, unproductive work flows, and disorganized documentation when using Communifire as your all-in-one solution to productivity and efficiency. Designed to eliminate duplicate tasks and streamline communication, our software is a scalable alternative to emails and paper-based messaging.


  • Keep everyone on the same page with direct messaging and notifications
  • Organize project-specific conversations and files using virtual work spaces
  • Inspire team members to share ideas with images, video, and content
  • Easily communicate detailed information and instructions with Wiki pages
  • Create a supportive team environment that transforms employees into stakeholders
  • Encourage team members to build rapport with one another in the cloud

Features Overview

  • Distribute information instantly to your entire organization or a specific team with messaging and announcements. Get creative and add a personal touch to messages by uploading video and images to Communifire. Share media with individuals, teams, or everyone while engaging users in conversation.
  • Use project management software to streamline task delegation and tracking, which saves your company time while conserving resources. Customize project phases with assigned tasks to keep tabs on progress and publish changes as needed. Instant notifications keep all parties automatically informed without creating additional work for you.
  • Gather feedback from employees using polls and surveys and view responses in real time. Whether you’re looking for the best way to improve internal processes or suggestions about a new product or service, surveys are a quick, enjoyable way for employees to provide feedback.
  • Easily coordinate daily, weekly, or monthly team meetings using Communifire’s shared calendar to invite attendees, post event-related documents, and publish agendas. A crucial aspect of project management, bringing team members together is simple when working on the cloud.
  • Create a detailed hub of information about a project, client, or initiative using Wiki pages within our project management software. With the ability to update pages in real time, Wikis display the most recent information while retaining an archive of page revisions for easy review.
  • Make collaboration exciting with familiar social features, including Likes, ratings, comments, and #hashtags. Keep conversations free from profanity while encouraging collaboration by using moderation to ensure only the best content is made public. Invite others to join in the conversation using @mentions to make collaboration seamless.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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