Project Management Services

Organize data, files, and tasks while keeping information secure and accessible.

With Communifire, you can track a project’s progress, delegate tasks, and optimize project phases without hassle by establishing virtual work spaces where teams can develop ideas, share documents, and move a project forward.

Project Management Services


Communifire’s Project Management Services: Simplify Everyday Tasks

Reinvent the way your company does business with Communifire.

How long does it take a project to be completed from start to finish? What are the obstacles holding your team back? If you’re like most CEOs, these are the types of questions that keep you awake at night. Conquer these challenges and more when you have a future proof infrastructure in which to communicate, collaborate, and be productive.

Eliminate the need for multiple project management services when using Communifire as your all-in-one productivity solution. By combining task management, content management, and powerful social tools, we’ve taken the hassle out of building a unified, efficient team.

Avoid disappointing your customers and frustrating employees when you implement a secure, cloud-based solution that is flexible enough to uniquely meet your company’s needs.


  • Keep schedules, files, and conversations in one cloud-based platform
  • Easily track progress on client projects, internal initiatives, and more in seconds
  • Encourage team members to collaborate regardless of location
  • Deliver projects faster while minimizing resource usage
  • Maintain open lines of communication throughout your organization
  • Impress clients with fast, accurate deliverables

Features Overview

  • Invite others to collaborate and spark a conversation with the use of familiar social features, such as #hashtags, @mentions, and Likes. Link conversations to one another, invite important people to give feedback, and show support for a job well done in seconds. Eliminate time and location barriers that prevent communication when using Communifire.
  • Establish virtual work stations for individuals, teams, or custom groups within the platform to keep conversations focused and organized. Whether you want to segment initiatives or improve work flow, it’s all possible and within reach using our software as your collaboration hub. Do away with duplicate project management services after launching Communifire.
  • Use Communifire to improve collaboration internally and with clients, which enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction. Develop client-facing web pages and support centers without leaving the security of a single cloud-based platform. From delivering projects to providing customer service, doing business within Communifire is hassle-free and cost effective.
  • Rally employees around a concept using the Ideation tool, which provides a virtual environment in which to brainstorm initiatives, new products, and more. Keep everyone updated as to a project’s status using notifications, chat, or direct messaging — no need to open email, ever!
  • Develop efficient work flows using built-in project management services, like task management and scheduling, to ensure your team is equipped to tackle the day’s challenges. Easily create events, invite participants, and post event-related images, video, or files in seconds using Communifire’s shared calendar.
  • Quickly find important information, conversations, or files using Smart Search. Designed as the backbone to Communifire’s intelligence, Smart Search digs deep into the platform to index every piece of content for fast retrieval. Further categorize conversations, files, images, and more with tags or #hashtags to find related items in seconds.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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