Internal Communication Tools.

Improve internal communications and employee engagement.

Engage your employees with three-way communications. Leaders to Employees. Employees to Leaders. Employees to Employees.

Internal Communication Tools


Communication Tools that Fuel Collaboration.

Give your team the gift of intuitive communication with Communifire.

What would it take for your company to generate more leads, deliver a better product, or provide service superior to that of your competitors? It’s not a bigger budget or more resources; it’s better communication. Communifire was developed to make interactions between employees, management, and executive leadership effortless.

Launching effective internal communication tools equips your team to work smarter, faster, and better regardless of their physical location or specific job duties. Communifire’s innovative platform makes short work of collaboration, file management, scheduling, and training … with more efficient business processes.

Building a company with a truly global reach starts with implementing an internal communication software platform that support the needs of a dynamic workforce. By combining social tools, real time communication, and a secure cloud-based platform, we’ve developed the only collaboration tool you’ll ever need.

Communifire’s Communication Tools Helps Your Employees Communicate More Effectively.

  • Establish a system of communication that’s easy and fun to use
  • Encourage employees to adopt a love for internal communication with likes, comments, and ratings
  • Distribute internal messages directly or publicly with messaging and announcements
  • Inspire leaders to share their expertise by publishing articles or blogs
  • Give teams a secure, organized place to collaborate with virtual work spaces
  • Keep communication consistent while fostering unity with groups and chat

Communifire Gives You So Much More than a Company Newsletter:

  • Eliminate disorganization and confusion within teams or departments with groups and work spaces. Create groups for certain departments, such as IT and Customer Service, or develop customizable work stations accessible by everyone involved in a project. Invite others to collaborate or head to the Ideation tool to brainstorm concepts.
  • Inspire employees to weigh-in on public conversations using the comment feature, while maintaining professionalism with adjustable moderation tools. When working with Communifire’s internal communication tools, creating a buzz is as simple as using @mentions, Likes, and #hashtags.
  • Easily search all content within Communifire’s platform with Smart Search. Because everything, from documents to pages, is indexed, finding important information is just as quick as performing a web search. Further segment content by using tags to group items according to departments, projects, or initiatives.
  • Leverage a variety of content, like images and video, to prepare for meetings, perform trainings, and develop internal information hubs. When presented in a visual format and instantly accessible, it’s easy to encourage participation and ongoing learning throughout your company.
  • Strengthen rapport throughout your organization by using internal communication tools to match names with real people — not an avatar. User profiles are customizable and can include text, images, and contact information for added detail. Instantly create a detailed employee directory to locate anyone in seconds.
  • Easily manage staff schedules, coordinate meetings, and plan events using the shared calendar feature. In addition to event creation and editing, users can add a description, location, images, video, or documents to the event while keeping important dates chronicled for later review.

Launch Your Own Social Intranet in Days Not Months.

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