Improving Communication in the Workplace.

Internal communications starts at the top. Instantly share news & announcements.

With Communifire, your communications are automatically more effective and more engaging. Grow your business with Communifire.

Improving Communication in the Workplace


The Fast Track to Improving Communication in the Worplace: Communifire.

Reinvent communication within your organization with Communifire.

Are your team members buried under paper memos, inundated with non-stop email, and harassed by incessant phone calls? What would your company’s internal processes look like if you switched to a paperless, secure, and efficient mode of communication? Enter Communifire, the leading corporate intranet for business in need of a simple solution to corporate communication.

When using Communifire as your business’ hub of collaboration, improving communication in the workplace is hassle-free and virtually instant. By replacing older, ineffective processes with one cloud-based solution, you’re able to establish a system of communication that truly works while increasing productivity.

Avoid the potential for dropped calls, forgotten meetings, and misplaced memos when you implement a flexible, scalable internal communications solution. Easily learned and adopted in even the largest companies, Communifire is designed to become your business’ all-in-one communication and collaboration solution.

Here’s How Communifire Helps to Improve Communications in Your Workplace:

  • Help employees complete projects quickly and collaborate easily with work spaces
  • Create job boards, discussion forums, and community Wiki pages to distribute information
  • Stay up to date on recent projects and events with activity streams
  • Tap into your employees’ potential by using gamification to motivate productivity
  • Use approval work flows to implement check points before content or a project goes live
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions using comments and discussion forums

Communifire Give You So Much More than a Company Newsletter:

  • Give virtual kudos to anyone on your team with post and comment likes. Explore the activity ticker to keep track of trending content, voice your opinion on a blog or article, and easily share content with others using Communifire’s dynamic platform.
  • Improving communication in the workplace doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s important to first create a safe environment in which conversations can occur. Because Communifire’s features are contained within the cloud, all communication, documents, and files are protected from prying eyes. Enhance security within the program by adjusting user permissions and moderating comments.
  • Make collaboration fun with familiar social tools, like @mentions and #hashtags, which easily engage members of your organization while keeping conversations organized. Later on, when it’s time to review input on a project, use its #hashtag to pull up all relevant content streams in seconds.
  • Develop a custom welcome page employees see each time they log in to Communifire. Place important content and tools, like company announcements, departmental news, and support links, on one page. Empower each member of your team to take ownership of tasks, research, and issues.
  • When improving communication in the workplace is your goal, sometimes it helps to ask the people it affects most — your employees. Use Communifire’s built-in survey and polling system to measure employee satisfaction, ask opinions, or solicit feedback. After all, if a solution doesn’t work for your employees, it won’t work for your business.
  • Simplify the process of staff, meeting, and event scheduling using a shared calendar. Add important details, descriptions, files, and media to scheduled events, which can be public or by invitation only, to increase participation and reduce no-show rates.

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