Communication Strategy Product

Communifire is a robust internal communication product for your business.

Equip your team with a communication solution developed with a focus on the future of collaboration.

Communication Strategy Product


Take your organization’s communication system to new heights with social tools from Communifire.

Are lines of communication throughout your organization efficient? Have you received complaints from internal stakeholders about the time it takes to simply relay a message? Are team struggling to collaborate on projects for lack of a streamlined communication system? Remedy these concerns and future proof your company’s communication with Communifire.

Designed to take the guesswork out of collaboration, communication, and productivity, Communifire’s communication strategy product is the perfect solution for growing companies. As a CEO, giving your team the right tools to propel your business further is key to your company’s success.

Equip your team with internal communications software developed with a focus on the future of collaboration. Communifire’s social intranet was created with the changing needs of your organization in mind. Unlike other solutions, Communifire grows with your business.

Learn how Communifire can make all the difference to your organization.


  • Keep everyone updated with notifications, activity streams, and announcements
  • Publish helpful content, such as articles or blogs, that inspires employees to do their best work
  • Create community discussion forums to clarify policies, procedures, or processes
  • Invite external stakeholders, from vendors to clients, to participate in collaboration
  • Expedite collaboration and project completion with virtual work stations
  • Use social tools, like sharing and #hashtags, to make communication exciting and engaging

Features Overview

  • Use a communication strategy product that leverages social tools to encourage participation. By sharing posts, commenting on updates, and bringing other parties into a conversation, users have the power to engage others while distributing important information.
  • Develop virtual work spaces for team members, groups, and departments. Streamline project completion without risk of communication gaps using work spaces. Add files, invite participants, and track progress within Communifire.
  • Give employees, teams, or departments kudos on a job well done with company announcements. Distributed instantly, announcements ensure everyone within your organization stays in-the-know about important topics, changes, and events.
  • Reduce duplicate tasks and time sinks when team members can share ideas, get feedback, and work on projects within Communifire’s platform. Whether team members are located down the hall or 1,000 miles away, everyone has access to each other and can keep the flow of communication going.
  • Promote talent from within when using Communifire to distribute new opportunity information to employees. Empower team members to further their career within your organization and strengthen team loyalty. When current employees feel valued and are offered advancement opportunities, your entire organization benefits from reduced turnover and committed team members.
  • Inspire every team member to take an active role in community development with familiar social tools. From commenting to sharing, features within Communifire simplify your company’s communication by channeling conversations through one innovative platform.
  • Create or curate visual content to develop a virtual knowledge base, expedite training procedures, or communicate details about a specific topic. Within our communication strategy product, you have control over how information is presented with others. By using visual content to relay information, you’re able to accommodate different learning styles.

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