Customer Collaboration Software

Encourage Collaboration Between Employees and Customers.

Exceed your customer’s expectations with Communifire’s central channel of communication and collaboration.

Customer Collaboration Software


Engage Your Clients with Communifire’s Customer Collaboration Solutions

Customer collaboration software guarantees that your clients are much more than customers; they’re partners.

How do your customers find help when needed? Are customers a part of the innovation process, or are they kept in the dark? Does your current method of customer collaboration strengthen or harm customer relationships? As the crux of your business, customers should come first when establishing communication channels.

Communifire was designed to forge stronger connections with clients, remove barriers to communication, and encourage social participation. A scalable virtual solution, Communifire enhances satisfaction with and loyalty to your brand.

Show your customers they’re valued by implementing collaboration software. With Communifire, you can deliver an unbeatable product or service while building long lasting customer relationships.

Uncover the secret to seamless client communication with Communifire.

Benefits of Customer Collaboration Software

  • Quickly receive, track, and resolve customer support issues with the Case & Issue Tracker
  • Answer questions, encourage discussion, and solve problems using discussion forums
  • Partner with your clients at every stage of a project using virtual brainstorming tools
  • Customize content permissions to allow public or private viewing
  • Simplify procedures and clarify processes using company Wiki pages
  • Save time by developing customer guides and walkthroughs

Communifire was created to be extremely user-friendly, as many of its features resemble popular social networking sites.

Features Overview

  • Invite your clients to participate in the conceptualization of projects with Ideation. Get feedback, implement changes, and confirm client approval before working on a project, which reduces the need for revisions while promoting client satisfaction.
  • Use informative articles and engaging blogs to empower, educate, and entertain your customers. Start a dialogue about a topic, respond to comments, and actively encourage clients to interact with your organization. Position your business as an industry expert by publishing compelling, relevant content.
  • Create a branded, customer-facing website that offers practical value for your clients. Establish self-help forums, FAQs, and collaborative conversation streams that your customers can use to find solutions to common problems. In addition to maximizing your brand’s availability, using Communifire’s customer collaboration software helps conserve internal resources.
  • Streamline communication between clients and each department within your company using Communifire’s intranet. Accessible in the cloud, collaboration tools simplify make two-way interaction instant, convenient, and effective. By encouraging customers to become active participants in the partnership, your business is able to make a greater impact.
  • Create custom work spaces in which team members and clients can collaborate. Eliminate duplicate tasks, time-consuming emails, and confusion about project-specific concerns by keeping all targeted communication in one place. Because Communifire is secure and self-contained, there’s no risk of losing important information or messages.
  • Enhance collaboration by using videos and images to communicate ideas. From designing a new website to building a skyscraper, completing any client project is simple and transparent when sharing concepts visually. Link project-specific conversations, documents, and media files with searchable tags to instantly discover relevant collaboration streams.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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