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11 TED Talks on Effective Communication in the Workplace

11 TED Talks on Effective Communication in the Workplace

TED Talks Communication in the Workplace

If you are part of management in your organization, then you know the importance of effective communication in the workplace. Learning how to lead and communicate is a conscious effort that must be learned consistently. No matter what type of internal communications software you use, there's still plenty to learn about communicating effectively with your employees.

TED Talks is an amazing platform to learn how to improve communication in the workplace. These talks spread the force of good and learning in the world. With over thousands of speakers sharing ideas to improve humanity, it might be tough to sift through all of them to learn how to communicate better. After sifting through tons of talks, we've narrowed the, down based on their potential to help you communicate better at work.

Below are 11 TED talks that can help you master the art of communication and leadership.

1. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Using examples from some of the most popular brands and people, Simon Sinek reveals how great leaders think, act, and communicate. Using "The Golden Circle" Sinek shows why some leaders are able to inspire while others fail to do that.

What drives behavior? Do people buy what you believe or why you believe?

By asking why, how, and what questions, Sinek shows why people buy, accept, and follow ideas.


2. Seth Godin: How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

People who can spread ideas and know how to do it properly, win. To make this happen, Seth Godin shows how to cause the change you want to see by getting your ideas to spread. With way more choices and too little time, people have learned to ignore all of the marketing and communication messages companies are pushing out into the world.

What determines which idea spread? How do you find a group that truly cares for what you have to say?

Godin answers the above questions in this captivating talk.


3. Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership

In this 6-minute talk, Drew Dudley gives a funny talk on what it takes to become an influential leader. Dudley talks of that "lollipop moment" where leaders make a powerful impression on people without knowing it. He admonishes leaders to realize how impactful their role can be.


4. Roselinde Torres: What It Takes to be a Great Leader

With her 25 years of experience observing what makes truly great leaders, Roselinde offers her insight into leadership preparations. In this talk she discusses why leadership gaps are widening and what successful leaders are doing today.

Roselinde distills the characteristics of leaders and preparation practices that enable people to grow to their full potential.


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5. Seth Godin: The Tribes We Lead

Tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big permanent changes. Seth Godin talks about creating and growing an idea. According to Seth, we are living at a time when making a change has changed and it is happening through leadership. He also talks of the importance of true believers in helping create a movement.

Seth Godin argues against mass marketing since it requires average ideas. He advocates for the idea of tribes -- leading and connecting people with ideas.

Using his funny approach in explaining ideas, Seth will keep you glued throughout this 17-minute TED talk.


6. Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation

A former speechwriter for Al Gore and trained lawyer, Dan Pink makes an evidence-based case on how organizations should run their businesses. How should businesses motivate people? Do incentives sharpen thinking and accelerate creativity? How should organizations make their decisions about talent and people? How do you get high performance on 21st Century definitional tasks?

Dan gives examples of how enticing people with a sweeter carrot or threatening them with a sharper stick may motivate or demotivate based on the tasks at hand. He also highlights 3 building blocks for today's businesses.


7. Itay Talgam – Lead Like the Great Conductors

Italy Talgam demonstrates how to create harmony without saying a word. As an orchestra conductor, Talgam gives an animated funny talk and demonstrates how different orchestra conductors lead their orchestras. He offers a wide selection of conductors each with his different style and approach to leading an orchestra.

Talgam breaks down and breathes life to each conductor's approach to music and beautifully relates it to leadership. Use this as a communication tool. You are going to want to watch this talk again and again to grasp the idea he brings out of ‘doing without doing.'


8. David Logan: Tribal Leadership

What makes tribes different and how can one nudge tribes forward?

Logan reviews different stages of tribes and how a uniting characteristic can create a tribe that is aware of its own existence. He highlights a number of companies and organizations in each of the five stages of leadership and how to move a stage up.

In this captivating talk, David shows how great leaders connect people who don't know each other to something new.


9. Fields Wicker-Miurin: Learning from Leadership's Missing Manual

Is there a user's manual for leadership?

Wicker-Miurin tells stories of leadership that are of value to anybody looking to learn how to be an effective leader. Wicker teaches 3 models of leadership by showcasing 3 stories of leaders from across the world.

Her talk is very insightful on what it takes to change the world and how to do it. The awareness that a leader is part of a whole comes up consistently throughout the talk.


10. Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement

Using a short clip, Derek Sivers break down the process of how a movement gets started.  Having the courage to show others how to follow is the key to being a great leader as it is well demonstrated in this amazing 3-minute TED talk.

It's amazing how many things we can learn about leadership from this short talk.


11. Simon Sinek: How Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Where do good leaders come from? What role does the environment play in this? How can leaders create a safe environment that that would make their employees trust them?

Simon Sinek gives a captivating talk on the above subject and answers the above questions with a focus on leadership.


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Written by Tim Eisenhauer

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