QuestionMark Technology and Services Provider Chooses Communifire

QuestionMark will use the Communfire software to ensure more responsive customer support as well as for both internal and external collaboration and communication

(San Diego, CA, USA) – March 25, 2010 – Axero Solutions, an emerging technology leader in the enterprise social collaboration and networking marketplace, is proud to announce QuestionMark, a leading assessment technologies and services provider, has chosen Communifire as their new social collaboration platform. QuestionMark chose Axero’s innovative social collaboration platform to enhance customer support, stimulate collaboration between employees, and improve dialog with external partners. 

“We’re pleased to be able to help a technology brand like QuestionMark take their customer support to the next level,” explains Tim Eisenhauer, Axero Solutions Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “Not only has QuestionMark grasped the full potential of Communifire for customer support, but it is also deploying it to invigorate internal and external collaboration.”

QuestionMark will launch Communifire as its own branded site, thanks to the design flexibility built into the Communifire platform. That flexibility allows QuestionMark to create multiple collaborative groups and social networking spaces within its own domain – while simultaneously maintaining the aesthetics and image of its unique brand. That ensures seamless transition between groups without sacrificing valuable brand continuity and visibility. 

QuestionMark customers will then be able to interact privately with QuestionMark to discuss specific individual customer challenges while also enjoying access to QuestionMark resources within a secure environment. Because working groups within Communifire are private and viewable only to people invited to them, QuestionMark can set up spaces for their employees to collaborate as well as other spaces for internal staff to work with external partners. Members of each group will only be able to see and have access to the information they are allowed to view or edit. Meanwhile Communifire offers the handy additional option for QuestionMark to open up specific groups to full public view, at its own discretion.

About Questionmark

Questionmark technologies and services enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, regulatory compliance, successful learning outcomes, performance improvement, and talent management. The company’s assessment management system enables collaborative, multilingual authoring; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; and comprehensive analytics that provide stakeholders valuable, actionable data. That collaborative focus and spirit makes it an ideal candidate for Communifire technology.

About Axero Solutions

Axero Solutions was founded in 2007 with a firm belief that the ways that people work together can be significantly improved through the power of social media. The company is led by a senior management team of proven innovators in the areas of technology, social collaboration, and customer service. Combining their industry expertise, thought leadership, and customer-centric focus they developed the company’s signature product, Communifire, an extremely agile and flexible social collaboration platform. Communifire expands creative collaboration, boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, and improves communication to enhance performance, productivity, and profitability.



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