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How to Motivate Employees with Intranet Gamification


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Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro said:
There are a few other important aspects of gamification to add to this great and very comprehensive article.

* Gamification will offer users the ability to broaden the scope and depth of their expertise, and this has a positive side effect - the users reputation. A gamification tool that has "missions" (i.e. provide 10 replies that were marked by the person asking the questions as correct and/or writing 5 relevant blog posts) is especially helpful here.

* The point made about doing it "in context" should not be lost. And to that end, also think outside the box with such activities as a speaking engagement, a webcast, participation in an in-person event or sharing a best practice in some other documented way (i.e. user groups).

* Consider integrating some or all gamification in to the corporate infrastructure. There are use cases galore for such integration in systems such as support tickets/cases, bug tracking, communication planning and sales pipeline just to name just a few.

* Finally, consider the intersection of gamification and an idea exchange (or ideation as some call it). Use ideas to birth, discuss and mature an idea. Along the way, use gamification to promote this very healthy activity.
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Rob, thanks for your comment. You make some great points there!
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