Intranet Analytics and Stats, How a 75 Employee Company Engages Employees, and Pets at Work

Intranet Analytics and Stats

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What’s New in Communifire

This month we added Search Analytics for spaces. You can review what’s going on in different spaces and, based on the divisions in your intranet, understand what’s serving your people the most. What keywords are people searching for? What are your most popular tags? What content gets the most clicks? What gaps do we need to fill in?

We also added four new REST APIs so you can take customization to the next level––learn more about what’s new.

I also want to take the time to thank you. On behalf of the entire Axero team, we wish you a happy holiday and a prosperous new year! We are grateful to work with you and be part of the amazing things you do every day. Here’s to another year of exceeding goals and making things happen—together.

– Tim Eisenhauer, President, Axero

Communifire How-to’s and Tips

How to create a connected workplace with the org chart
When employees are confused about roles in their workplace, it hinders work and connections. Here’s how the org chart connects your people to each other and your organization.

How sub spaces organize high volume content in spaces
A lot of content is a good thing, but a cluttered intranet is not. Here’s how sub spaces organize projects, topics, or department initiatives within a space.

How to use the ghostwriter feature
Publish content on behalf of others with the new Communifire ghostwriting feature! It’s easy to use––here’s a quick video to show you how it works.

Customer Spotlight

How Best Collateral Turned Document Sharing Into an Engagement Engine for 75+ Employees

When Best Collateral’s system of faxing daily reports to their nine locations wasn’t cutting it, higher-ups knew they needed an engaging and proficient way to share information. Learn how Best Collateral used Communifire to meet their unique needs and improve communication.

Top Community Support Questions

Can I upload more than 50 photos at the same time?
Absolutely! Change Communifire’s default of 50 photos per upload in your System Properties.

How do I communicate to all members in a space at the same time?
Communifire has multiple options: For concise messages, alert members via notifications. For longer messages, post announcements in the Space Activity Stream or initiate a group chat.

How do I prevent people from creating sub spaces?
Control what your employees are able to do based on roles. Go to your Space Permissions Settings and make the changes for the roles in your intranet. Here’s how!

Why can I post attachments to wall posts in some spaces and not others?
Different spaces can have different settings––you can add attachments if you’re allowed to create photos or files in that space. Here’s a couple options to make your space work for you.

Can I add external links in Launchpad and maintain user login via SSO?
Your employees will not be asked to sign into third-party apps from the Communifire Launchpad as long as they’re previously logged into that site.

How do I upload profile photos for other users?
Site Admins can add photos for employee profiles missing headshots––here’s a breakdown of how to do it!

How do I align the height of widgets to fit every window size?
Not to worry! This calls for a quick CSS trick with FlexBox. Here’s how to take customization a step further.

Read of the Month

Should You Let Your Employees Take Their Pets to Work?

People like dogs for a lot of reasons––they relieve stress, offer companionship, and they’re cute. But what does it mean for businesses who allow these four-legged creatures into the office? We examine the pros, the cons, and the legal considerations you need to think about.

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