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Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, talks enterprise social networks & company culture on BLR®—Business & Legal Resources.

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How enterprise social networks help build company culture

Company culture is all-too-often equated with perks, like in-house single origin coffee or weekly themed happy hours. However, even the most generous perks in the world fall short when employees are disengaged and dissatisfied. For an employee who feels that their voice is not heard or that there is no opportunity for professional growth, free snacks just won’t cut it.

Cultivating a culture that motivates and engages employees goes deeper than that, and problem areas can be difficult to isolate. Fortunately, most companies already have a powerful tool for building strong company culture in place—enterprise social networks. These platforms are best known for their productivity-enhancing capabilities, but are equally as useful for spreading and maintaining company culture. Let’s take a deeper look.”

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