Employees treasure this the most when it comes to job satisfaction

Re-energize your workforce: 13 easy ways to get employees engagedCompensation data and software company PayScale released new data on employee engagement, showing that “appreciation” is the thing employees value most when determining how they feel about their company’s culture.

How companies can make employees feel more engaged at work

There are a variety of ways to do this.

Don’t forget to encourage bonding

Tim Eisenhauer, Co-founder and President of Axero and a developer of Communifire, writes in Entrepreneur about how doing this can help employees feel more engaged.

“Having fun together not only breaks up the routine but also encourages creativity and collaboration. Sponsor a company softball tournament or host a monthly “dress-up day,” where employees can wear their ugliest sweater or sport a crazy hair color. Of course, management must also get in on the action, which further contributes to authenticity, visibility and communication,” he writes.

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