Be Honest And Show Vulnerability To Lead With Authenticity

Be Honest And Show Vulnerability To Lead With AuthenticityLeaders: Be vulnerable and honest to lead with authenticity and earn the trust of your people while getting top results.

Here’s how.

Keep It Real And Vulnerable

A global Gallup study reveals most employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. Those employees, says Tim Eisenhauer, president and co-founder of San Diego-based intranet and collaboration software maker Axero, are the most affected by bosses who aren’t sincere and never seem real or vulnerable.

“Add that up and showing your human side becomes the gold mine of employee engagement,” said Eisenhauer, author of “Who the Hell Wants to Work for You?”

Eisenhauer says authenticity is as basic as this: Keep your promises and don’t lie. He lived up to that shortly after launching Axero and landing a difficult customer. While subcontractors dropped him, Eisenhauer and Axero finished the job and kept their word. Other customers later rewarded his firm for that trait.

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