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Hello. Your social intranet is almost ready.
It's tailored to fit how you already work.
So no one has to miss a beat.
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Social Intranet Software

Imagine one central, instantly searchable space for all your people, conversations, and documents.

This is your social intranet powered by Communifire.

"We've gone so far beyond faxes on a bulletin board. Now people can find all the information they need at work. They're engaged. They're posting daily achievements, from sales to upsells to tactics."
— Rebecca Verhoeff, Executive Vice President, Best Collateral, Inc.

Yes, it's a social intranet for work.
Tailored to your work.

I want my social intranet software to:

Mobile Intranet Software
  • Increase transparency throughout my organization. No Bottlenecks. No silos.
  • Organize my content & documents. Make them easy to access and easy to find.
  • Publish internal communications and reduce email.
  • Engage my employees by connecting them with each other.
  • Motivate and inspire everyone from managers to employees by tracking progress on common goals.
  • Build a best-practice bank so we can onboard new employees quickly.
  • Make our teams more productive and accountable. We can do so much more when we work together.
* Apps are free for customers with an active Communifire plan.

99% of Communifire Customers are Still Actively Using the Platform after 5 Years.

This is your social intranet powered by Communifire.

Why Use Communifire?

Unite your people, conversations, and content.

This is a social intranet people want to use.

7 ways Communifire makes your work-life better:

  1. One place to organize documents and people.
  2. Get the word out about company announcements and the latest news.
  3. Instantly search to find conversations and files.
  4. Build an internal knowledge base.
  5. Collaborate on documents and projects.
  6. Setup private and public shared calendars.
  7. Make magic happen.



Instant People Finder

Use search to instantly find people, documents, and conversations across your organization. Smart search indexes everything. User profiles include personal, work, and contact information, an activity stream, an index of the content they've authored, their relationships, and the spaces and groups they are a part of.

Employee Directory Software
Intranet File Management

Work Where the Files Are

You don't have to upload files in one place, and collaborate in another.

Collaborate in context on Communifire. Every document becomes a hub of likes, comments, follows, and ratings.

  • Simply drag and drop to upload.
  • Add key documents with secure file sharing and version control.
  • View the upload history. Roll back to any previous version.
  • Set fine-grained permissions so individuals can view, edit, or delete.
Intranet Document Management

Manage, Publish, and Search Content

Does content exist if no one can find it? Now every document and conversation is findable through a simple search or intuitive navigation, unless you make it private. No more version control worries, either. It's built-in. Share blog posts, articles, intranet wiki pages, photos, videos, or any other type of content you may have.


Go Social Without Losing Control

Put information right where people can find it and collaborate. Comments, likes, and profiles are a nice bonus. Roles and permissions let you control who sees what, so employees can access all relevant spaces, while others can be restricted.

Activity Streams & Notifications

Bring Innovation In House

Real-time chat? It's in here. Drag and drop a file to chat. It becomes searchable forever. Crowd-source ideas with voting. Pulse employees with polls and surveys.

Chat Software

Go Silo Zero

Setup spaces to bring people together for a project, a specific topic, an interest group, or for connecting company departments. Now you can keep everything organized. Create a space for HR to share company documents, company news, and collaborate on projects. Setup a space for your IT department to host a help desk where everyone can submit their requests. Connect your sales and marketing teams to collaborate freely on new campaigns and hot leads. Everything's easy to find and nothing ever gets lost.

Company Intranet Workspaces
Private & Public Calendars

Go Public with Calendars

Put an end to back-and-forth scheduling emails.

  • Create private and group calendars.
  • Share any calendar with anyone.
  • Invite people to events without the back and forth.
  • Set up reminders so you don't have to remember your next meeting.
  • Create recurring events.
Calendar Software

Breathe In. Assign Tasks. Breathe Out.

Give in to delegation. Assign a task and consider it done. You're no longer a bottleneck. Who's doing what is no longer a mystery. Best of all, it's no longer just you. 

Task Management Software
"The technology is unmatched. The support is excellent - very direct, very fast, and very friendly. They're at the forefront of technology and intranet solutions."
— Armin Bender, CTO, w3
"Communifire has all features I want, and the user experience is easy to tailor. I like being able to jump in and make the Homepage our own to organize and display high-priority content."
— Colton Leonard, Chief Culture Officer, Nutrabolt

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"Communifire connects our 3500+ employees from 16 countries in 42 different offices, and it's like we are all working from the same room."
— Ei Ei Thu, Digital Strategist, Phillip Capital
"Communifire connects our teams and organizes our projects. And with the vast amount of data we have created, the knowledge base provides a resource for new hires and FAQs."
— Neelmony Pannu, Senior IT Consultant, Government of India

Organize in a Way That Makes Sense to Your Business.

Set up spaces that mirror your company hierarchy. Or setup spaces to match how people are grouped and work together. There's no limit.

You can create public spaces for your employees to access valuable HR resources or get the latest insight from the CEO. Create private spaces that are available to only the people you invite. Sensitive information stays sensitive and private. People stay focused on their part of the picture. And everything is easy to find.

Intranet Portal
Intranet Communication Software

All Your People. All Together.

Since Communifire keeps everything organized, everyone gets the access and updates they need to do their jobs. They get updates from their spaces in their personal Activity Stream and Notifications. It brings everything they care about directly to them. So no matter where your people are located, you always have one unified intranet.

Integrate with Everything

Communifire is incredibly friendly to all sorts of different integrations. There's really no limits.

Use Single Sign-On features, the built-in Open API, and the powerful REST layer to push news and content into your Activity Streams and Notifications. You can also pull data from Communifire into other systems.

Download the Technical Datasheet.

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Intranet Integrations

Here's What Makes Us Different

You have a few choices in the intranet software space. Naturally, we think you should choose ours. Here's why.

All-in-one Intranet Software

Communifire combines communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration tools into one unified platform, in one secure location. Why do you need five different accounts with five different companies when you can have it all integrated and working together?

EXTREME Flexibility

Communifire is the only social intranet software platforms built on a flexible architecture. This means that you can use it right out-of-the-box and be successful. And when your company grows, you can customize it to fit your needs, because Communifire grows with you.

Better Support & Service

We'll help you set it up, customize it, and get up and running. Everyone at Axero is part of our customer support team and considers pleasing customers as the most integral part of their job description. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it's our job to meet your expectations.

SaaS or On-Premise

We'll host it and run it on our servers for you, removing the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. But if you'd rather host it yourself, you can.

Your Style, Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of your site by uploading a logo and updating a few settings. For advanced control, you can include your own CSS styles and HTML layouts.

Launch in No Time, With Zero Learning Curve

The user experience is tailored so your employees can focus on their work, not the platform. Need a custom feature? Just ask. Upload your files today, roll out tomorrow. It takes days, not months, to launch your own social intranet software.

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How to Super-Charge Momentum
with a Social Intranet Platform

99% of all our customers are still using the platform after five years.

Here's how you can become a social intranet success story.

Yes, but can it work for my industry,
my business, my team?

See for yourself. This social intranet software is easy to tailor.

You could go live as early as next Friday. Really.

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