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Content Management and Communication Tools

Amplify your company communications and knowledge sharing.

Publish, share and communicate like never before with modern, easy-to-use tools. Make better decisions thanks to centralized knowledge. And empower employees by giving them the information they need in the format they want.

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Intranet Content Management & Collaboration Tools

"Corporate Communications was looking for an intuitive, easy to maintain interactive platform with a robust search function that fit the budget. Signing up with Communifire was an easy choice."

— Liz Foster
Lead Communications Coordinator, Movement Mortgage
Spaces and Groups

Set up workspaces for company departments.

Instantly create dynamic online workspaces to enable your people to work together. Spaces and Groups are a simple, yet powerful, way to manage your business—even for your most complex projects.

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Online Workspaces
Company Departments Create a space for each division in your business. Set one up for Human Resources to host company policy information. Give Marketing and Sales their own space to collaborate on leads.
Project Teams Give your people the power to self-organize into project teams. Setup secure online workspaces where you can collaborate on tasks, share files, and communicate effectively.
Extranets Bring your customers even closer into your business by providing each of them with a private communication booth.
Clubs and Committees Host a space for people to connect around a topic related to your business.
Onboarding Launch communities for new employees and subject-matter experts so they can connect and help each other.
Sales Enablement Launch a space and invite your entire sales team. Upload sales collateral for everyone to access anytime, from anywhere they're located.
Public Spaces Let anyone join a space! People can easily search your intranet to find a space - or just browse the listing of your company's public spaces. Great for knowledge bases, communities and FAQs.
Private Spaces Keep certain content, conversations and projects between selected people. Ideal for personal projects, departments, "top secret" task forces, functional groups and sensitive topics, like employee reviews.

"Communifire gives us everything we need to support over 1000 writers and 250 employees from all over the world. It lets everyone interact, ask and answer questions, and share best practices—organized in one place."

— Margot Weiss
VP Content Operations, Dotdash
Mobile Intranet

Your intranet. Everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime.

Communifire makes it easier than ever to get things done at work. Connect people and take action like never before. Unify your organization and give your employees access to your intranet anywhere, anytime.

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Mobile Intranet Software
Employee Directory and Profiles

Put a face to every name.

Easily find and connect with people based on title, name, space or dept. Connect your entire organization with modern user profiles. Quickly find the expertise and knowledge you need to meet business goals. And boost employee engagement by tapping in to their skills and abilities.

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Employee Directory Software and Employee Profiles
Employee Search Imagine having all of your people together in one place, where you can search your company directory and find the people you need.
Interactive Org Chart Quickly and visually understand and navigate your organizational structure. See who reports to whom.
Rich Employee Profiles Your user profile contains personal, work, skills, and contact information—making it simple to connect with and find anyone in your company.
Connections Communifire powers connections—and the relationships they create—by showing you who's who and how you might know someone.
Leaderboards Show a leaderboard on your homepage to publicly reward engagement. And offer additional incentives for people that reach a top level of contribution.
Gamification Encourage competitive participation and get your employees more engaged in their daily activities through points and rewards.
Recognition Give and get kudos. Your employees can reward each other badges to say thanks, recognize a job well done, and to recognize the achievements of others.
Personal Activity Streams Your personal activity stream is a real-time feed of dynamic content covering what you're working on and who you're working with.

"Change can be stressful. Our intranet allows us to be transparent and ease people's minds. When we make a big announcement, we tell people there's more information on ARCOnnect, and its always going to be there."

— Chris Brooks
Applications Manager, ARCO Business Services
Social and Productivity Tools

Help employees get more done with activity streams, notifications, and calendars.

Stay on top of the latest developments and never miss a beat. Keep track of important dates and your to-dos with the calendar and task manager. Everything happening in your organization is here.

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Social & Productivity Apps

"When younger employees see us use email, it turns them off. Communifire helps us communicate across generations, and it helps us keep the Millennials around."

— Bryna Butler
VP of Corporate Communications, Ohio Valley Bank

Communifire Integrations

Communifire integrates with most of the software you're already using.

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Technology and Security

Everything you need to know about security, single sign-on, and hosting.

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Implementation Services

From planning, roll-out, and ongoing support, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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