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When people work together,
businesses grow.

The People and Profiles features in Communifire help everyone find collaborators, share ideas and produce incredible work.

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Employee Directory Software

99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

Discover why organizations are hooked on Communifire.

Break down silos and increase employee engagement with people and profiles.

Quickly find the person you need with your new Company Directory. Put faces to names using Personal Profiles - which include a person's contact info, activity stream and authored content. Plus, with gamified reward systems, you can acknowledge people for work well done and strengthen your company culture.

Company Directory Software

Find anyone in your new employee directory.

Imagine having all of your people together in one place, where you can search your company directory and find the people you need with the expertise and knowledge to get things done.

Suddenly your business becomes more connected, more human, and more personal. People are easy to find and reach out to.

Personal Profiles

Information-rich profiles make everyone more personal.

Your user profile contains personal, work, and contact information -- making it simple to connect with and find anyone in your company. Upload your photo, list your accomplishments, and share your expertise.

Friends & Colleagues

See who's connected.

The bigger your organization, the harder it is for people to connect with counterparts in other departments.

Communifire powers connections - and the relationships they create - by showing you who's who and how you might know someone. Learn about your team. Understand the person behind the role. And turn weak ties into strong bonds.

See who's online

See who's online.

As easy as Facebook! See who's online right now, and click their pic to start a convo. Get help instantly to solve problems or brainstorm solutions fast.

Employee Engagement Software

Gamification: Reward participation.

The most popular forums and social networks on the planet reward people for participating.

Do the same for your team - and see contributions skyrocket.

Tailor your rewards easily. Give X points for answering a support question and Y points for writing a wiki entry.

Show a leaderboard on your homepage to publicly reward engagement. And offer additional incentives for people that reach a top level of contribution.

Org Chart Software

See who reports to whom with your new org chart.

Quickly and visually understand and navigate your organizational structure. See who reports to whom. Communifire updates your org chart automatically, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Activity Streams Software

Personal activity streams become a hub of communication and collaboration.

Your personal activity stream is a real-time feed of dynamic content covering what you're working on and who you're working with. Post status updates, share links and content, and communicate with each person directly in their feed. @Mention people to spark up a conversation. Use #hashtags to categorize and add context to your posts so you can search them easily.

Personal Publishing Tools

Give everyone a voice with publishing tools.

Powerful permission settings let you give everyone permission to post blogs, publish articles, add events, collaborate on wiki pages, and upload photos and videos.

Content that you publish and share is displayed prominently on your profile page, enhancing your visibility and building your expertise for others to see.

This allows your colleagues and co-workers to learn about your background and experience, see what you've been working on, and explore how you might be able to contribute to a project.

Company People Search

Everyone is one click away.

No matter where you're at in Communifire, and no matter what you're doing, you can connect with everyone immediately. Hover over anyone's profile photo or name... and you'll see their rank in the community... and a message button that lets you contact them directly.

"Before Communifire, it was next to impossible for us to assemble people to work on projects. Now it takes seconds to search our employee directory, build a team, and get back to focusing on actual work. For us it was a game changer."

Neelmony Pannu
Senior Consultant, Department of IT, Government of India

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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