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Communifire’s online project management tools allow you to easily, effectively and efficiently manage a team of people working on projects.

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Online Project Management Software

Online project management software allows you to manage a team of people working on a project together. Different people bring different expertise, insight, and information to the objectives. A solution is needed to help people understand who is responsible for what and share not only what they’ve done, but also background information and work in progress. The goal is to avoid silos of information that prevent people from accessing and contributing their insight into someone else’s effort until only late in the project when it is typically costly (in time, money and interpersonal dynamics) to fix.

The flexibility of Communifire means there are many possible solutions to a challenge, varying to respond to the unique characteristics of a specific need. The below is an outline of one possible solution for Project Collaboration.

Create a Space for your project

Online Workspaces

Communifire’s online workspaces gives you a single central location for all project activity, regardless of what departments, offices, or even what companies the different members of the team work in. Invite all the team members to your Space, giving you a sub-community dedicated and focused on the project with all who should be involved included. If parts of the project are sensitive you can simply limit access for some members of your community to that information appropriately. All information about the project can be found in a single location without having to search around and bother others for help finding it. And the social nature of Communifire encourages sharing ideas, showing support for work and accepting help in the spirit of teamwork and shared objectives.

Establish tasks and assign them

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Create as many different to-do lists as you need within your Space and populate them with the tasks your team needs to complete in order to achieve your objectives. Include an expected completion date and assign it to the responsible party so everyone can see and know who to go to in order to help with different pieces. And then comes the exciting part: check off each item as they are completed and you march closer to your final goal.

Share files, photos and videos

Online File Sharing

Share everything you’ve got on the project with the rest of the team, it will make it easier for you to find later too. Comment, rate, like and keep track of different versions of files. Check them out to indicate you are working on them and others should not. Folder hierarchy keeps things organized and allows you to store sensitive files in restricted areas. Create photo albums to share all your visual imagery logically grouped together. Once up there all these files become available for the search engine to find, assuming you have rights to them. Just try finding files on someone else’s computer as easily, or even on a typical corporate intranet for that matter.

Collaborate on new ideas

Communifire is a collaboration platform with many different tools to help you discuss ideas and build consensus, including wikis, forums and polls. The Space focuses these tools on the project at hand, making clear a specific context for the collaboration and getting all the right people involved in answering questions and building content. Everyone is involved in developing and commenting on the content, with the ability to show appreciation through likes and ratings, so no one is surprised with the final outcome. To add more structure to the process you can implement workflows, passing the content from one group or individual to the text for approval and contribution before proceeding to the next step.

Stay up to date

Updates on the project come to you. You can go into the Space at any time for a glance at the latest developments whenever you’re looking for such, but as things happen in the Space — including project updates posted on the Wall — they also appear in your own personal Activity Stream with the project context clearly indicated. From there you can click on the content to view it straight from your page. Additionally, to help those who don’t spend their days in the community, users can register for daily email update summaries from Spaces and receive Wall updates immediately by email. Gone is the need to hold regular meetings to keep everyone up to date and solicit feedback, saving everyone time and money.

Why Communifire?

Communifire is an enterprise social networking platform that powers social business, communities, social intranets, and secure collaboration for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It integrates social networking, collaboration tools, online project management, and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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