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Knowledge Management System


Discover how fluid information distribution can be with Communifire.

How long does it take your employees to learn about a new product, review client specifications, or develop a new project? Is your company’s disorganized system of communication resulting in lost sales potential, poor productivity, and high levels of frustration? Resolve to alleviate these challenges by taking a different approach to communication.

With Communifire’s cutting edge knowledge management system, getting everyone on the same page about a project or initiative is simple. Channeling communication and information management through one platform helps streamline work processes, which saves your company time and money.

Prevent confusion about project specs, misplaced files and documents, and extensive attempts to reach key members of your team when using Communifire. Featuring fun-to-use social tools, numerous customizable databases, and enterprise-level security, our knowledge management software is designed to make collaboration seamless.


  • Guarantee information is consistently communicated to employees and customers
  • Shorten the amount of time needed to train team members
  • Use different media, like images and videos, to engage team members in learning
  • Create custom knowledge hubs with controlled permissions
  • Save time and resources by expediting information retrieval
  • Empower team members to seek out answers using a searchable, secure database
  • Quickly provide updates to one person or your entire company
  • Publish information hubs accessible by everyone or a select few
  • Save time and resources by streamlining internal and external communication
  • Maintain updated guides, videos, and Wiki pages for training and information purposes
  • Make advancement opportunities available to current employees first with job boards
  • Distribute important files or documents in seconds within the cloud

Features Overview

  • Social tools in Communifire, like #hashtags and @mentions, keep conversations goal-focused while promoting collaboration. Regardless of physical location, employees and customers can tap into permission-based knowledge centers to find relevant information whenever it’s needed. Use custom Wiki pages to gather all information about a subject in one virtual space.
  • Create a knowledge management system that makes it easy to find important information within Communifire. Publish branded web pages that feature maps, graphs, text, video, and more to expand upon an idea or subject. Customize pages to include social media feeds, opt-in forms, and indexes to encourage engagement and learning.
  • Keep important files and documents organized within Communifire’s File Manager, which displays upload history, author, and ongoing comments. Control file permissions on a granular level to ensure only those approved can access sensitive information or make files available to everyone for quick review.
  • Organizations have many moving parts; keep meetings, staff schedules, and events organized in Communifire’s shared calendar. Customize event pages to include meeting documents, images, video, and text to clearly communicate an event’s purpose and provide essential details. Event ratings and tags make searching scheduled and past events simple.
  • Encourage employees to get involved with social content features, such as Likes, comments, and ratings. By measuring social interaction with content, the most popular pages, blogs, articles, and conversation streams are highlighted within Communifire’s knowledge management system.
  • Stream HD videos within our cloud-based software to clarify training materials, create a dynamic database of curated information, or simply distribute a personalized message of gratitude to employees or customers. Whether your goal is to save time, conserve resources, or improve your company’s level of service, Communifire is designed to help you get there.

Empower your team with instant access to important information within Communifire.

Does your organization’s critical teams communicate seamlessly? Is the process of finding relevant information within your business complicated or confusing? As CEO, establishing a system of communication that works for everyone is your top priority. Resolve to implement communication channels that are efficient, clear, and defy geographical barriers.

With Communifire’s knowledge management solutions, both customers and employees have a reliable, secure place to communicate while accessing important information. Whether your IT department needs a better way to track issues or team leaders need a more efficient method of communicating project goals, it’s all possible within Communifire.

  • Get creative and appeal to different learning styles when using Communifire to post informative articles, blogs, and videos. Establish subject-specific knowledge hubs for human resources, continuing education, marketing, sales, and anything else you can imagine. Because everything is housed in Communifire, users can quickly search for relevant content using tags or keywords.
  • Featuring enterprise-level knowledge management solutions, Communifire grows with your company’s needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch or managing a team of 100 or more, our software is designed to accommodate changing demands. Maintain seamless communication regardless of your team’s size using chat, messaging, and search via the employee directory.
  • Launch discussion forums for customers or employees, which encourages healthy conversation and helps resolve problems. By creating different forums for different audiences, you’re able to review, moderate, update, and save threads to help future searchers quickly find answers.
  • Get users excited about learning and sharing important information with integrated social tools, like ratings and comments, which were created to encourage a social buzz. Monitor the Activity Ticker for a recap of what people are discussing and working on within your business. Invite others to join in on a conversation or ask a question to one person with @mentions.
  • Leverage the expertise of the C-suite by using Communifire’s knowledge management solutions to publish in-depth articles or blogs. A great way to motivate employees and promote thought leadership in the industry, expert content can be publically available to anyone or shared internally. Tag content with relevant terms to easily find it later in Smart Search.

Eliminate paper-based communication and collaboration systems altogether within the cloud. From categorizing projects to storing related files, Communifire’s knowledge management software takes the “work” out of your day so you can focus on delivering the best service to customers. Say goodbye to email; working in the cloud has become the most efficient way to communicate.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a knowledge management system that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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