The 5 biggest time-sucks at work — and how to avoid them

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, shares his thoughts on Business Insider about time-wasters at work.

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The 5 biggest time-sucks at work — and how to avoid them

Trying to get too much done in too little time is commonplace at work.

Since time is so precious, it’s imperative to use it wisely in the office. Otherwise, you won’t reach your goals.

But even if you know this, there are many ways to drain valuable hours from the workday, keeping you stuck in place.

If you succumb to these “time-sucks” on the job, you’ll quickly find yourself behind the eight ball.

Here are the five biggest time-wasters at work and ideas on how to avoid them:

1. Non-work-related social networking

Whether your habit of choice is Pinterest, Facebook, or YouTube, you know you aren’t getting any work done when you surf these sites.

“Yes, some people need to do this stuff for their job — but everyone’s doing it,” says Tim Eisenhauer, president of Axero Solutions.

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