News to Use: Responsive Intranets, Better Translations

San Diego-based Axero today released an upgrade to Communifire, its intranet software solution for small and medium businesses. 

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News to Use: Responsive Intranets, Better Translations

Communifire 5.2 adds Page Builder, a drag-and-drop interface that administrators can use to create page layouts. It simplifies the process of designing the homepage, space pages and CMS pages, the company said.

Page Builder transforms elements into visual building blocks that allows users to edit the layout and content of their pages without code. Users can create responsive, column-based layouts that adapt to all mobile devices.

The upgraded Communifire intranet software also offers new gamification capabilities, which allow users to recognize other users by granting them badges. Users can earn badges by completing customized series of actions within the community.

“Communifire has always grown and evolved based on the voice of our customers, and version 5.2 reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering the best, most effective intranet software on the market,” Axero Co-founder and President Tim Eisenhauer said in a statement.

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