Intranet Onboarding for New Employees. 1000 Employee Intranet. And Embedding Social Feeds

Onboarding New Employees to Your Intranet

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What’s New in Communifire

We need to start by thanking you! Our migration to Amazon AWS, the world’s premier cloud hosting provider, is complete. It wouldn’t have been possible without your cooperation.

We made the transition from Rackspace to AWS because we believe that you deserve the very best in performance, stability, and security.

This, of course, isn’t everything we worked on this month. Here’s your complete list of new enhancements that make your Communifire experience the best ever.

How-to’s and Tips

How to introduce your users to Communifire
Get comfortable with your intranet in four minutes! Share this video with new employees or your entire organization. Work smarter with these essential features.

How to automatically assign users to spaces
Onboarding new employees might seem like a time-consuming process, so we make it easy. Here’s how to assign new users to spaces as soon as they enter your intranet.

How to embed social media channels into your intranet
Streaming social media channels in your intranet is a great way to keep everyone connected. We have over a dozen integrations available.

How we update your Communifire instance with new releases
We update Communifire every month to make sure your intranet has the latest tools and enhancements. Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

Customer Spotlight

How ARCO Sharpened Its Focus on People

ARCO has a lot of employees and offices––nearly 1,000 people across the U.S. How does the 15th largest design/build general contractor in the U.S. keep its people connected? Learn how ARCO uses Communifire to boost productivity and maintain its small family feel.

Top Community Support Questions

How do I add other file types to be uploaded in Communifire?
You have control over what file types employees can upload. It’s all in your system properties––here’s how to access it.

What is the recommended file size for profile photos?
We suggest profile photos be 500px by 500px. If you need to resize your photo… not to worry! Our customer success team recently walked a customer through how to do this.

How do I allow a non-single sign-on user to access my Communifire?
This involves an easy setting change in your system properties. Click to learn more.

Can I hide a sub space from our dropdown menu in the homepage?
You can’t hide a sub space from the dropdown menu, but you can create quick links on your homepage. Here’s how.

Why aren’t polls and surveys showing in my spaces?
This is an easy fix! Make sure your polls and surveys are enabled in your application settings.

Do all users have access to the mobile app?
Yes, all users can access the mobile app. You cannot disable the app.

How does Communifire expire user sessions?
We do this by expiring the cookie. Learn how to configure this in the cookie settings.

Read of the Month

20 Smart Ways to an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

Measuring your communications strategy is tricky. Metrics are a good place to start but be warned: you can’t assess human behavior entirely by statistics. We’ve helped hundreds of companies develop their internal communications through our product and here’s what we’ve found.

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