Communifire 4.0 released

Axero Solutions launches version 4.0 of its flagship Communifire social networking and collaboration platform. User experience enhancements add color and variety to personal feeds, keep members on top of breaking news, and make it easier to search for content and socially interact on deeper levels.

(San Diego, CA, USA) – May 15, 2013 – Axero Solutions, an established technology leader in the enterprise software marketplace, has just released the 4.0 version of its popular Communifire social networking platform. The updated version offers all of the extraordinary, customizable power of Communifire plus several exciting additions, improvements, and user experience enhancements.

“Providing an intuitive and fun yet highly meaningful and collaborative user experience has always been one of our primary goals,” explains Tim Eisenhauer, Axero Solutions Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “The rich content available to users throughout this latest version of Communifire is both practically useful and engaging, and the new upgrades allow for even greater customization and personalization. Version 4.0 is all about giving members a deeper sense of belonging and community with many more reasons to contribute and participate.”

  • Communifire members can now see photos and read summaries and comments in their personal and group space activity streams for a quick snapshot of what’s new. Meanwhile if they want to dive into content that gets their attention and interact more deeply all of that is just a click away.
  • Wall posts and microblogs that are integrated into the activity stream now feature “@mentions” and “#hashtags.” That allows users to point to topics and people and attract the attention of individuals to particular updates.
  • While the activity stream allows users to hone in on new content, a new Activity Ticker also displays updates on all content – enabling members to stay on top of “likes,” ratings, and new comments within each of their community groups. Everything that happens – anywhere that a member cares about – automatically shows up on their Activity Ticker.
  • Content browsing has also been enhanced. Articles can be sorted to view them in order – based on categories including most recent, highest rates, most viewed, or most commented upon. Content can also be filtered for a specific timeframe or by certain keywords. 

Other new features include the ability to enhance content with photos chosen from community albums or from one’s own computer. Game points can also be awarded for a broader range of participation within Communifire – such as “likes” or helpful comments and contributions to blogs – as a way to encourage further engagement while adding an enjoyable gamification element to networking collaborations.

About Axero Solutions

Axero Solutions was founded in 2007 with a firm belief that the ways that people work together can be significantly improved through the power of social media. The company is led by a senior management team of proven innovators in the areas of technology, social collaboration, and customer service. Combining their industry expertise, thought leadership, and customer-centric focus they developed the company’s signature product, Communifire, an extremely agile and flexible social collaboration platform. Communifire expands creative collaboration, boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, and improves communication to enhance performance, productivity, and profitability.



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