Communifire 3.1 released

Axero Solutions unveils the latest version 3.1 of the Communifire social networking and collaboration platform. New features include hover cards, user interface improvements, and a special orientation assistance tool that facilitates the inclusion and engagement of members who are new to the community.

(San Diego, CA, USA) – August 15, 2012 – Axero Solutions, a distinguished technology leader in the enterprise software marketplace, has released version 3.1 of its flagship product, the Communifire social networking and collaboration platform. Version 3.1 includes a number of user experience enhancements and comes hot on the heels of Axero’s release of version 3.0 less than three months ago.

“One of the main driving forces behind our product design and development is customer input,” explains Tim Eisenhauer, Axero Solutions Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “We are a customer-centric company, and our latest version of Communifire responds to the needs expressed by our valued customers with features that they wanted to help them be more successful.”

For starters, when members first joint Communifire 3.1 they will be presented with an orientation checklist to welcome them aboard. Administrators can create their own customized list of steps for newcomers to complete, by choosing from a menu of 10  common tasks. These include such things as how to edit a profile and how to join a space. As the new users complete each task the item will be crossed-out and they will see a progress bar that tracks their percentage of completion. Once the tasks are 100% finished the orientation assistant goes away and is no longer visible to that user.

Also available with version 3.1 are hover cards for members. The way these work is that when members simply hover over the name of another user a card pop ups that displays basic information about that person, along with a quick link that can be used to send the other user a message. That helps to facilitate networking while it also gives users a handy way to get to know someone without actually clicking through to their full profile.

Other features on version 3.1 include the ability for chat conversations to be “popped out” into their own separate windows and for the top header to be fixed so that it does not go away when scrolling. There is also a quick search function that suggests people and space matches whenever a user starts typing in the search box.

About Axero Solutions

Axero Solutions was founded in 2007 with a firm belief that the ways that people work together can be significantly improved through the power of social media. The company is led by a senior management team of proven innovators in the areas of technology, social collaboration, and customer service. Combining their industry expertise, thought leadership, and customer-centric focus they developed the company’s signature product, Communifire, an extremely agile and flexible social collaboration platform. Communifire expands creative collaboration, boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, and improves communication to enhance performance, productivity, and profitability.


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