Axero Solutions revamps Communifire’s search engine

Axero Solutions revamps and upgrades the Communifire social networking platform with state-of-the-art search engine technology. The new Lucene search engine is the best available and has faster, more flexible, and more complete capabilities.

(San Diego, CA, USA) – May 30, 2012 – Axero Solutions, an established technology leader in the enterprise social collaboration and networking marketplace, has just implemented a new search engine for their social collaboration platform, Communifire. The robust search engine uses the same proven Lucene technology that powers many of the world’s biggest websites.

  • Lucene is used by many of the biggest and most content-populated websites on the Internet such as Facebook, eBay, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • The new Communifire search instantly sifts through all the content in a community to find matches, and filters results to specific spaces or content categories – such as blogs, articles, and so forth.
  • But it also uses advanced permission checks and filters that ensure that the user conducting the search is only shown content that they have legitimate authorization to view.
  • Despite the presence of these additional layers of security, however, the sophisticated search engine does not compromise the speed and responsiveness that is a hallmark of the Communifire platform.

“Communifire is already intuitively organized with a hierarchy of spaces, categories, tags, and content types that make find content easy without a search engine,” explains Vivek Thakur, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Axero Solutions. “But Axero Solutions strives to enhance Communifire at every step, adding fresh value on top of existing value. That’s why we leveraged the best search technology available in the industry to give our customers ultra-powerful search capability that pinpoints content wherever it may be.”

About Axero Solutions

Axero Solutions was founded in 2007 with a firm belief that the ways that people work together can be significantly improved through the power of social media. The company is led by a senior management team of proven innovators in the areas of technology, social collaboration, and customer service. Combining their industry expertise, thought leadership, and customer-centric focus they developed the company’s signature product, Communifire, an extremely agile and flexible social collaboration platform. Communifire expands creative collaboration, boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, and improves communication to enhance performance, productivity, and profitability.



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