Axero Solutions adds surveys to Communifire

Axero Solutions adds survey functionality to the Communifire social networking platform. Now those who use the innovative networking and collaboration product can create, distribute, harvest, and analyze surveys within Communifire.

(San Diego, CA, USA) –September 9, 2011 – Axero Solutions, a recognized technology leader in the enterprise social collaboration and networking marketplace, has added a great new survey function to its signature social collaboration platform, Communifire. The new tool lets communities conduct in-depth exploration of chosen topics with their members through a convenient electronic survey.

“Surveys are one of the most useful ways to connect with members of a community or organization to encourage participation, solicit ideas, and develop greater insight into their opinions, goals, and interests,” explains Tim Eisenhauer, Axero Solutions Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “Adding a survey function gives our customers even more creative and adaptable power to customize Communifire and leverage its robust, multifaceted features.”

The new survey functionality is an expansion of the popular polling feature that Communifire already offers.  But instead of being limited to asking a single multiple-choice question in a poll, the survey tool allows administrators to string a series of questions together in a single form, to cover a topic in greater depth and with more specificity. These surveys can then be presented to the entire community or used to target specific sub-communities within Communifire – with the rights to author a survey in each separately managed area. Whereas discussion forums or wikis are better suited for a smaller group or more engaged participants, a survey is a superior tool for talking the pulse of a larger demographic. 

Each question can be assigned a point value, too, which makes it possible to use surveys as a testing tool or even fun personality test. Many organizations use surveys to gage workplace morale and satisfaction; to get feedback regarding new policies, products, or marketing campaigns; or to evaluate the effectiveness of management systems or educational and training initiatives. The new survey feature also reduces the time it takes to receive survey responses and makes it quicker and easier to analyze the results and take full advantage of the value that surveys have to offer.

About Axero Solutions

Axero Solutions was founded in 2007 with a firm belief that the ways that people work together can be significantly improved through the power of social media. The company is led by a senior management team of proven innovators in the areas of technology, social collaboration, and customer service. Combining their industry expertise, thought leadership, and customer-centric focus they developed the company’s signature product, Communifire, an extremely agile and flexible social collaboration platform. Communifire expands creative collaboration, boosts employee engagement and satisfaction, and improves communication to enhance performance, productivity, and profitability.



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