Axero Releases Communifire 5.2 Intranet Software With a Powerful New Page Builder and More

Axero today released an upgrade to Communifire, a leading Intranet Software solution for small and medium businesses

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Axero Releases Communifire 5.2 Intranet Software With a Powerful New Page Builder, Badges, and Enhanced User Experience

Communifire empowers businesses to grow by enhancing the productivity and engagement of their teams. Communifire 5.2 delivers an array of new features that improve the user experience for administrators, enabling organizations to unlock the full value of the platform and dramatically improve employee communication, collaboration and performance.  

The greatest addition to Communifire 5.2 is the Page Builder, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that administrators can use to create page layouts. Axero made user experience its top priority when creating this feature, which simplifies the process of designing the Homepage, Space pages, and CMS pages.

Page Builder transforms elements into visual building blocks that allow anyone to understand and edit the layout and content of their pages without touching a single line of code. The platform generates highly efficient code and there are no limitations as to how widgets can be customized and arranged, making Page Builder the most flexible tool of its kind available on the market. You can create as many pages as your organization needs, as well as responsive, column-based layouts that adapt to all mobile devices. This opens up endless opportunities to give your Communifire intranet platform a unique look and feel.

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