Axero President Talks With Forbes About How To Excite Millennials To Be Loyal Employees

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, talks with Neale Godfrey of Forbes about how to create a more inviting and nurturing work place for millennials.

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How to Excite Millennials (And Baby Boomers) To Be Loyal Employees: Take A Nap

We hear a lot about the differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers in the workplace. Why is there so much talk about this topic? Because Millennials are really interested in their quality of work and work environment and are willing to quit if things are not right. Many Baby Boomers falsely accuse Millennials about their apparent lack of “stick-to-itive-ness.” Millennial values are seemingly different from the Baby Boomer generation. And, to many Baby Boomers, it looks as if the younger worker is just quitting because the cappuccino machine is on the blink. Actually, we Baby Boomers didn’t just “suck it up and go back to work;” we changed jobs, too.

Are there smaller steps to increase work longevity of Millennials?

Tim Eisenhauer, President of Axero Solutions explains, “Rather than work-life balance, Millennials seek work-life integration.” Not only is the environment and electronic connectivity important in creating the work-life integration, but even breaks can be important to creating a more inviting and nurturing work place.  Eisenhauer recommends that, “work breaks should really be breaks.”  He says, “Sometimes, the best way to get a break from the workday is to focus on something non-work related, like an interest or hobby. Take 30 minutes out of the day to listen to music or work on an art project.” He even recommends meditation, or a walk, or getting your errands done, or even a power nap.”

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