Axero President Shares his Insight on Business Meetings with Business News Daily

Axero President Shares his insight on business meetings with Business News Daily – 4 Common Business Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

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4 Common Business Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

Business meetings have a longstanding reputation for being unexciting. Sitcoms, films and even stock photo collections are filled with scenes of employees looking at the clock, rolling their eyes and falling asleep while the presenter seems to drone on interminably.

You don’t have a clear purpose or agenda

Meetings without a real goal the ones that get classified as “pointless” and “unnecessary” by employees. Before you call everyone into the conference room, think about the purpose of this meeting, and if it’s really worth your team’s precious time and energy.

Tim Eisenhauer, president of intranet provider Axero Solutions, agreed that forgoing an agenda is a big mistake, as this often leads to lengthy, off-topic meetings.

“Keep it short,” Eisenhauer said. “Have defined start and end times, and most important, have someone to lead the meeting and keep it on track.”

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