Axero President Quoted in Inc. Magazine – The Daily Rituals of 15 Incredibly Successful People

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, talks with Inc. magazine about one of his daily habits that keeps him focused and on track.

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The Daily Rituals of 15 Incredibly Successful People

Ever wonder what sets apart those people who achieve the most in life? What are they doing differently from everyone else? Check out these quotes from 15 business leaders about the daily habits that help them be more successful.

6. Priortize according to the bottom line.

“My priorities and goals are based on things that make an impact on the bottom line for our employees and customers. If it doesn’t directly influence these two groups, it gets put on my ‘idea list’ to be looked at in the future.”

Tim Eisenhauer, president of San Diego software provider Axero Solutions, a profitable bootstrapped company going head to head with huge venture-backed competitors.

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