Axero President and Co-founder Talks with Fast Company: Hopefully the Last Article About Millennials

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, talks with Jared Lindzon of Fast Company about millennials in the workplace. 

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Hopefully the Last Article About Millennials You’ll Ever Read

“At some point this year, millennials will represent a majority of the American workforce, so why is the conversation still taking place? Why hasn’t it reversed? Why aren’t millennials advising each other on how to work with gen Xers and baby boomers?”

“I think that it’s fear-based, and since it’s fear-based the conversation continues, and the conversation isn’t the other way around because the millennials don’t really care,” said Tim Eisenhauer, cofounder and president of Axero Solutions, an enterprise social networking software company whose average employee is around 26 years old. “Whether Millennial or not, just treat people like people. Talk to them. I think that’s the first step.””

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