Axero Co-Founder Featured on – A Guide To Deciphering Intranet Terminology

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A Guide To Deciphering Intranet Terminology

Technology products have a tendency to come wrapped in jargon. We’ve all overheard (or participated in) conversations and read articles that are stuffed with so much technical terminology, they might as well be in Greek.

Deciphering this terminology requires a certain degree of knowledge and experience, and it can be intimidating. Enterprise intranet software is not immune to “jargonization,” but learning common terms and abbreviations is actually easier than employees might expect, not to mention essential for unlocking the full value of the platform.

Below is a guide to terms that frequently pop up when navigating around a social intranet. Familiarization with these terms is a powerful driver of productivity, smooths communication, and can help strengthen the bonds of your teams.

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