Axero Co-founder Discusses Even More Ways to be Productive at Work – Featured on CIO

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, discusses even more ways to be productive at work. His thoughts are featured on CIO.


10 (more) ways to be productive at work

10 (more) ways to be productive at work

Staying energized, focused and productive at work can be a challenge, especially during that mid-afternoon slump. You know the one – the 2 p.m. crash that not even a Starbucks run or a hastily chugged Red Bull energy drink can drag you out of. Here, our experts offer 10 more easy (and less caffeinated) ways to head off the slump and keep you energized and productive throughout your workday.

Commit to work-life balance

There’s nothing wrong with answering a few emails, or handling a quick task or two outside of normal business hours, but beware; that habit can quickly take over, if you let it. To avoid burnout, you have to maintain strong boundaries between your work and your home life so you can approach both with a fresh, energetic perspective, says Tim Eisenhauer, president of intranet and collaboration software company Axero Solutions. “Everyone’s got a smartphone in their pocket nowadays, and that means work can easily intrude on other aspects of your life. This is a recipe for disaster, and can quickly result in burnout. No matter how busy you are, carve out time to unplug, relax, and do the things you enjoy. Your brain will thank you,” he says.

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