Social Business Platform

Connect Your Employees, Customers, and Partners.

Communifire’s social business software gives you the tools to increase employee engagement, improve internal communication, and manage your company knowledge.

Social Business Platform


Social Business Platform

When most people think of a social business platform, it’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ that probably come to mind. These are great tools for individuals and even businesses to connect and share information, but their audiences aren’t necessarily in the business world. These networks are “social media networks.”

A social business platform is slightly different than a social media network, although it does serve a similar purpose. The Social Times web site defines a social platform as an “operating system that leverages the power of social connectivity to virally distribute applications.”

How Organizations Use Social Business Platforms

In a business context, social media networks that currently exist are great tools to share information with a wide public audience. Social business platforms often have the same functions of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter … users can comment, post blogs, or gather the news and information that is relevant to one’s life … but in the business world, social platforms have much more potential than just for conversations between friends.

Axero has developed a social platform that is meant for businesses – it is designed to help teams collaborate from multiple locations, to increase productivity, and even share information or invite individuals to events, projects, or workspaces. The social business platform is called Communifire.

With Communifire you can power your company’s social intranet, you can collaborate on projects and tasks, you can capture and organize important information for knowledge management, you can support your customers and build relationships, and you can connect your employees to communicate and remove location and time boundaries.

Why Communifire?

Communifire brings applications that focus on communication, productivity, content management, and collaboration together in one integrated social platform.

With a strong social business platform, it is no longer necessary for organizations to have a wide range of disparate “apps” available to track their employees’ work, to foster collaboration, or even for communication.

Some of the features that businesses look for in social business platforms that don’t exist in traditional social networking sites include the following:

  • A place to gather the news and tips of relevance to a specific business – in the article and news manager
  • A job board to post openings to individuals in and outside of a company
  • A way to take polls of employees and create surveys for customers
  • A way to create a company blog, as well as a personalized home page and even other static web pages
  • Personal and shared calendars
  • The ability to manage tasks and projects in multiple phases
  • A file management system

All of these things features and social business solutions help organizations become more productive, as employees have the opportunity to collaborate from multiple locations, to communicate about their projects, and even share calendars so that everyone knows due dates and can track deadlines.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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