Internal Blogging Software

An internal blogging platform built for business. Keep your employees updated on what’s happening inside your company.

Communifire’s blogging platform gives you the power to launch as many internal blogs as you need, with the tools to customize it how you want.

Internal Blogging Software


Internal Company Blog Software

Communifire is a complete enterprise level internal blogging platform. It gives you all the features you’d expect in a blogging platform plus a whole lot more.

You can have as many blogs as you need, one for each memeber of your team and each of your company departments. Unlimited. Blogs can be private to only those you give permissions or they can be public for the world to see and read.

Get your community talking by setting everyone up with a blog—complete with comments and RSS feeds. No need for HTML lessons—just use the built-in editor. Users can upload attachments, images, and media—even embed videos. It’s as easy as copy and paste. As an administrator, you’re always in control.

internal blog software

The blogging app enables members within the platform to publish multiple blogs. You can have unlimited blogs at a community and space level, and you can have unlimited blog contributers for each blog.

Benefits of having an internal blog:

  • Build word of mouth marketing
  • Improve internal communications
  • Build employee relationships
  • Publish informative content, news, and updates to employees
  • Keep employees updated on what’s happening
  • Build your brand and company image internally
  • Extend your company’s personality throughout your business

No longer do you have to rely on unsecure, open source third party blogging applications and platforms. Communifire is a secure, enterprise level internal blogging software platform with a company that supports the product and helps you be successful.

Features Overview

  • The blogs roll displays all the most recent blog posts published by members across the community. The blog contributors are listed along with the dated archives.
  • Adding a blog post is made simple and accessible with a complete WYSIWYG editor, removing the need to know HTML tags — and still allowing you to format the post the way you like, add images, videos, and more. Posts can be created, edited, tagged and published with ease.
  • Each user has the ability to manage basic blog settings like the blog category, blog name, introductions, as well as manage and moderate comments on their blog — while the overall assignment of blog categories and higher level settings are centralized and managed in the admin panel. This ensures basic control at the user level and comprehensive administration at the management or admin level.
  • Published blog posts can be commented on by visitors — and members have the additional option of rating a blog post. The votes gathered are aggregated and a rating is allotted to the post. There are “Like” and optional “Dislike” buttons on each blog post and on each comment.
  • Commenting involves an optional captcha for security and reducing risk of spam — and the flow of comments through multiple moderators can be set in the admin panel using workflows.
  • A centralized administration section allows the admin to control all important aspects of the blogs and also moderate and manage across all the blogs on within the system.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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