Internal Communication with Employees.

Your employees want to share information, opinions, and best practices.

Give them the tools they need to communicate better and more effectively. Communifire is the internal communications software that works.

Internal Communication with Employees


Improve Internal Communications with Your Employees. 

Revitalize your company’s system of communication with Communifire.

Do your employees have a safe, fun place to share ideas without interrupting work flows? Does poor meeting attendance, delayed projects, and uninspired training materials get in the way of your team’s progress? Implement a solution that unifies communication within a secure, cloud-based platform with Communifire — and watch how your business is transformed.

Developed to streamline internal communication with employees, Communifire inspires collaboration, enhances productivity, and makes each task more efficient regardless of your team’s physical location or preferred device. As the conduit through which your employees build rapport and innovation, our software is an all-in-one internal communications solution for your business.

Remove communication barriers and the limitations of physical space when you channel corporate conversations in the cloud. Save time, conserve resources, and promote transparency while using Communifire’s corporate intranet as your communication hub.

Communifire Help You Have More Effective Internal Communications:

  • Foster a harmonious corporate environment when lines of communication are open
  • Make management and executive leadership more accessible to all employees
  • Keep conversations focused on goals with virtual work spaces and groups
  • Use familiar social features and content management to engage employees
  • Build a dynamic, global team without changing your communication infrastructure
  • Customize Communifire to meet the needs of different teams and departments

Here’s How Communifire Helps to Improve Communications with Your Employees:

  • Manage staffing, events, and meetings using Communifire’s shared calendar to send invitations and reminders. With the ability to add a detailed description, documents, photos, and video to any event, preparing attendees for a meeting or recapping highlights of conference is simple and quick.
  • Establish a secure, supportive digital environment for internal communication with employees in which they can ask questions, weigh-in on issues, or express concerns with discussion forums. Segment conversations to identify different subjects, mark questions as resolved, and tag streams to make them easily found in Smart Search.
  • Securely organized important documents related to projects, initiatives, or administrative tasks with Communifire’s File Manager. Keep important business assets protected in the cloud while maintaining accessibility for employees. An effective way to reduce time searching for information, organizing files ensures they’re ready when you need them.
  • Develop virtual work spaces for teams, departments, or one individual to enhance focus, collaboration, and productivity. Adjust viewing rights to allow only certain people to access the space or make it available for public viewing based on the content. Include a calendar, Wiki pages, discussions, and more to tailor each space to a project’s needs.
  • Create a detailed employee directory to encourage internal communication with employees throughout your organization. By enhancing access to your company’s leaders and talent, an employee directory empowers each member of your team to reach out to one another instantly.
  • Provide recognition to your best employees and teams with company announcements within Communifire. Publish articles, blogs, or videos to relay information or add a simple note to congratulate top team members to boost morale and offer positive reinforcement for a job well done.

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