Internal Communication

Communication is the key to better business.

Connect everyone inside your organization with Communifire. The enterprise communication software for small businesses up to enterprise companies.

Internal Communication


Transform Your Business’ Internal Communication with Communifire

Encourage seamless communication throughout your business with Communifire.

What challenges does your team express when communicating between departments, groups, and management? How have these barriers impacted business outcomes? As a leader, invest your company’s ability to succeed by perfecting how your employees manage conversations and optimize work flows.

Communifire’s cloud-based internal communication software channels communications through a central hub. Designed to make collaboration simple, fun, and instant, our software is the conduit through which your employees are unified and more productive.

Prevent lost messages, vague project specifications, and the potential for buried corporate emails by implementing an accessible, user-friendly venue that fosters collaboration and ensures clear communication. Combined with business critical features, like file management and chat, Communifire makes seamless collaboration a snap.

Explore the many ways in which cutting edge technology streamlines internal communication and fuels business growth.

Benefits of Seamless Internal Communication

  • Motivate employees to reach out using familiar social tools
  • Keep everyone informed about the latest updates and accomplishments
  • Maintain consistent messaging and information throughout your company
  • Organize work flows and specific conversations within a central platform
  • Quickly access important conversations, media files, and documents
  • Encourage discussion about a project, topic, or policy in a community forum

Features Overview

  • Customize work flows within a team, group, or department with virtual work spaces. For many employees, working on multiple projects at once is simply part of the job; the real challenge is keeping it all organized. Help employees enhance work flow efficiency by creating digital work spaces to segment tasks and conversations.
  • Access built-in social features, like #hashtags and @mentions, to add team members to a conversation and highlight themes. Using Smart Search, users can type in a key phrase or name to find all content related the query, which makes short work of researching internal communication.
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge and professional growth using Communifire’s content management tools. Whether sharing expert tips in an informational article or touching on common employee challenges in an engaging blog, distributing internal content is simple and instant in the cloud.
  • Eliminate communication gaps when implementing a cloud-based solution. Accessible on multiple devices from anywhere at any time, your organization’s hub of collaboration keeps both local and remote employees connected. Send direct messages to a specific person or message an entire groups to maintain consistency.
  • Streamline document and file storage within Communifire’s internal communication platform. Instead of cluttering up virtual or on-site servers, users can maintain the security and integrity of important files using the File Manager. Separate files into specific folders, comment on changes, and customize access permissions at will.
  • Transform boring training materials into a fun and engaging experience with videos. Develop branded videos to outline procedures, provide welcome information, or focus on specific training before uploading and sharing in a secure digital environment. Perfect for visual and audio learners, video content can be curated and used to develop internal knowledge banks.
  • Save time and money while enhancing employee loyalty by launching internal job boards. One of the main complaints of otherwise satisfied employees is a perceived inability to grow with a company, but Communifire helps you keep promotion opportunities within your corporate family.

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