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Discover why companies are turning to Communifire for seamless employee communications.

Employee Communications Software


Communifire: Employee Communications Software for the Future

Company communications software keeps enterprise-related conversations right where they need to be – in your enterprise.

How much time does your company spend perfecting communication? Are there unaddressed communication gaps complicating progress? Between messages getting lost and the time it takes to get everyone on the same page, overall productivity suffers greatly. Remedy time sinks and miscommunication with employee communications software from Communifire.

Created with the unique needs of an enterprise environment in mind, Communifire’s internal communications software simplifies internal communication while enhancing collaboration and productivity. Encourage clear communication throughout your organization with Communifire’s innovative tools, such as blogs, articles, discussion forums, announcements, and more.


  • Eliminate confusion about company policies or processes
  • Create project, policy, or topic-specific discussion forums
  • Make internal communication fun with sharing capabilities
  • Keep everyone on the same page regarding projects, meetings, and events
  • Advertise the achievement of company milestones
  • Give employees ownership of internal communications management

Features Overview

  • Employees can create articles pertaining to the entire company or a certain department, such as customer service or marketing, to promote ongoing education about business-critical topics. Customize settings to filter content, adjust publishing capabilities, and require permissions.
  • Administrators can develop and maintain a discussion forum focusing on departmental topics, like benefits, job openings, or policies. Because access and approval of forum content can be managed by administrators, keeping comments appropriate to the topic and relevant to readers is simple.
  • Project managers and department supervisors can develop company Wikis to highlight procedural steps, delve into project details, or establish client-specific knowledge bases. Use Wikis to keep information in one easily accessible and shareable place while eliminating the need to ask common questions.
  • Use Communifire’s social intranet features to empower employees to communicate with each other, post updates, and share ideas. Video sharing capabilities ensure users can distribute content both internally and externally, keeping your both your employees and clients engaged.
  • Expedite the receipt of important messages and updates without threat of your message being lost in email. Employee communications software from Communifire includes an intranet-based chat and messaging system, which eliminates the need to check multiple messaging outlets for new information.
  • Administrators can post articles and queries to employees requesting opinions, suggestions, or volunteers for an upcoming project. By creating company blogs, employees are given a voice with which to weigh in on company changes, progress, and work-related issues.
  • Create a photo album of a company event, conference, or banquet to share the experience with all employees. Photo albums can be developed for projects, enterprise announcements, or teams; how you use this feature is completely dependent upon your company’s needs.
  • Internal communications software designed to serve as a social intranet takes advantage of social media’s best aspects, from sharing to the use of hashtags. Create hashtags specifically for a project, goal, or initiative to create a searchable database of conversations relevant to that topic.

Discover why companies are turning to Communifire’s corporate communications software for seamless internal communication that fosters collaboration, productivity, and a sense of unity.

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