The Benefits of Using Social Intranet Software to Streamline Event Management

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In just about every industry, having to host and/or attend events is considered to be somewhat of a given.

Planning events is often viewed as a double-edged sword by PR professionals and marketing managers.

Hmm, how?

  • On one hand, hosting an event can be extremely beneficial for an organization, which is one of the main reasons that events are such a huge part of the professional world in the first place.
  • On the other hand, planning and managing events can not only be time-consuming, but quite tricky as well. It takes a fair amount of experience and know-how in order to get the most out of event planning, but it also takes having the right set of tools on your side.

Today’s best event planners are looking towards technology to help them stay on task, and for good reason.

Whether you’re dealing with event management like webinars, online meetings, and online learning events … or full-fledged conferences and tradeshows, Communifire can make a world of difference when it comes to getting things done through the entire process.

9 Benefits of Intranet Software for Conferences, Tradeshows, and Really Any Type of Event You Can Think Of

When you use intranet software for event management and to stay on top of what’s going on within your organization, you’ll be doing both yourself and your employees a massive favor. All of the headaches that are often associated with event planning tend to fade away, many of which disappear altogether. Understanding the benefits of intranet software can help you to get the most out of it, and to say that they are numerous would be an understatement.

Take the following benefits into consideration, each of which can help to ensure that your events go off without a hook:

1. Communifire is an Intranet Platform with Event Management Built Right In

Any event, no matter what type it might be, is “social.” No matter if it’s 2 people or 2 million people, it’s likely that the event is some kind of social gathering where people get together to teach & learn something, participate with each other around a shared interest, or have fun.

Communifire gives you all the tools to successfully run a social network alongside your event. You can promote and get people to join the network months before the event begins, providing your company a platform to interact with potential attendees, share helpful information about the event, and even get the conversation started. 

You can post blogs, how-to articles, and pages of information people need before they attend. You can setup discussion forums where people can ask questions, get help, and interact with each other. Share videos for promoting your event, or share them for teaching purposes. 

During the event, the conversation keeps going. Let attendees share session notes, slideshows, videos, and photos.

And when the event is over, you still have the social network active, where people can recap what they learned, stay in touch with people they met, and ask presenters questions.

2. Collaborativly Plan Your Event with the Same Platform

There’s no getting around the fact that collaboration can be extremely beneficial when properly approached, and this is especially true when it comes to event planning.

Planning an event with the help of others on your staff can help to ensure that you’re not overlooking any important details, not to mention stumble upon great ideas and solutions that can be used to further streamline event management. When you use Communifire to plan and manage events, collaboration becomes central to the process.

3. Deep Flexibility in Customization Options

Any business that holds events on a regular basis knows that each and every event is unique to itself. While recurring events can certainly be a part of the puzzle, it’s essential that you and your staff have the opportunity to customize each event in as many ways as possible.

Communifire offers deep levels of customization, ensuring that no two events ever get mixed up or mistaken for one another.

4. No Need for External Applications

One of the greatest benefits associated with using social intranet software such as Communifire is the fact that a great deal of business processes can be handled in one convenient spot, thus negating any need to switch between a number of different applications.

Communication, event management, scheduling and more are all handled underneath the same roof, which not only saves time for your staff, but can help to ensure that important details don’t go overlooked in the process.

5. Helpful Notifications of Up to the Second Happenings

Keeping track of a number of different events at the same time can be a tricky process, especially when you have plenty of other things to worry about. Notifications can make a great deal of difference in terms of helping you and your staff to always stay informed on what is happening, when and where, and Communifire makes it possible for anyone to receive notifications that will serve to keep them on track, eliminating the need to constantly check one’s schedule throughout the day.

6. Easy Management of Logistics

Figuring out the logistics of what makes for a great event can be a time-consuming process, and most people can admit that it’s not uncommon to run into problems in the process.

Each event created in Communifire can be expanded upon in full detail, which means users can add as little or as much information regarding the logistics of an event that they see fit. This is a great way to create a checklist and cross things off once you’ve completed specific tasks. Once you and your staff get the hang of utilizing the software, entering-in logistics is easy.

7. Saved Paper, Saved Money, Saved Planet

In the days before event management software became the standard for event planners, pen and paper ruled the land. While some people like the physical aspect of scheduling on a paper calendar and in notebooks, there’s no getting around the fact that this can quickly amount to a great deal of wasted paper, which can easily be translated to wasted money. Intranet software for event management completely replaces the need for paper, which means you can expect to save a great deal of money over time.

8. Better Opportunities for Promotion Before & After Your Event

Ask any event planner, and chances are they’ll tell you that promotion is one of the most difficult aspects of putting an event together and ensuring it goes as planned. Depending upon the audience at hand, promoting an event can be excessively difficult, and it often requires more time and effort to get an event in the public eye than it does any other aspect of the event planning process.

Since everything lives online with Communifire, sharing information about an event and promoting it properly simply couldn’t be made any easier.

9. Attendance Analytics

A benchmark feature of event planning software is the ability to track attendance in an extremely close manner. This information can be used for a number of different purposes, but perhaps most useful is the ability to analyze how your events are panning-out in terms of attendance overall. Companies that plan multiple events each month can get a lot of mileage out of paying attention to attendance trends, as doing so allows one to shift their strategies in another direction if need be.

Communifire as Your Event Management Software – Here’s How it Works …

Spend just one day with Communifire, and it becomes quite clear that the software is capable of handling a multitude of different processes.

Group messaging, chat, scheduling and calendars, content creation, member management, and more can all be dealt with in the social community, and these features are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the software is capable of.

One of the things that sets Communifire apart from the crowd, is that it can serve as fully-functional event management software when properly approached. And it’s fully customizable, the sky is the limit.

Communifire allows you and your staff to plan, schedule, and manage as many events as you can hold with ease. No event is too small or too large for the software to handle, and the guesswork associated with planning is completely taken out of the equation.

Here are 5 event management features that you can expect from Communifire, each of which can help to keep things from falling off the rails:

1. Simple Event Creation

Adding an event in Communifire couldn’t be easier. Simply choose the “Add Event” option, which will allow you to enter-in the details (date, time, venue etc.) and write a short description about the event so that you can quickly know at all times what you’re dealing with. Events can then be tagged with specific keywords, making it exceptionally easy to find the event you’re looking for without having to search for too long a period of time.

2. Robust Search Feature

While you can search for events by keyword in Communifire, this isn’t the only way to pull something up on the fly. Events can also be searched by date, location, type and venue, and the more creative you get with how you tag your events, the easier they’ll be to find. You can even “sticky” premium events so that they always stay front and center, ensuring no one in your social community overlooks any important details.

3. Quick RSVP

One of the most important things to take into consideration when planning an event is ensuring that you’re able to keep track of who is planning on attending. This can have a huge impact on just about every aspect of an event, especially when you’re planning a party or other type of social gathering. Members of your social community can RSVP to your events with “Attending,” “Maybe Attending” or “Not Attending,” giving you a clear view of what your guestlist will look like when it’s time for the event to happen.

4. Comments and Discussion

A major benefit of using intranet software for event management is the ability for community members to converse with one another and discuss the finer points of events that are being planned. This is not only a great way to improve employee engagement and keep everyone on the same page, but it can be used as a method to take an event to an entirely new level. After all, great ideas and solutions often come as a result of collaboration, and when users are commenting on events and creating discussions, the rest takes care of itself.

5. Easy Sharing

You can’t expect anyone to attend your events if they don’t know about them, and Communifire has got you covered in this regard. Whenever you or another user come across an interesting event, “share links” can be sent via email, which helps to promote the events and ensure that as many people are taking note as possible. Sharing simply couldn’t be easier, and it’s a huge part of getting the most out of participating in a social community.

In Conclusion

While event management will always be a somewhat difficult job, it’s importance simply cannot be overlooked. With the right tools at your disposal, planning and managing events doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as it might otherwise be. Let Communifire serve as the platform for your business’s event management, and the benefits will make themselves clear in short order.


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