How Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Replaced Facebook and Email


Art Aughey is an Practitioner and IT Support for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), a holistic discipline that employs functional laboratory assessments that identify malfunctions and “healing opportunities” at the root of most common health complaints. Here, he relates how FDN uses Axero as a community platform for their certification course, trainees, and graduates.

Likelihood to recommend Axero – 10/10 

Axero is excellent as a community platform or for a company intranet.

How FDN uses Axero.

We deployed Axero as a community platform for our certification course trainees and graduates. It is being used for our entire community of 1500 plus. We were using Facebook and email to interact with our users but needed a better way.

What FDN loves about their intranet.

  • Support. Support. Support. Did I say excellent support? 🙂
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Responsiveness of Axero Solutions with changes.
  • Ability to make changes to the platform without programming.

ROI on Axero investment.

We are still building out features of the platform but with implementation of paid features by members, we will be able to cover our operating cost of the platform.

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Tim Eisenhauer is a co-founder of Axero Solutions, a leading intranet software vendor. He's also a bestselling author of Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement. Tim’s been featured in Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Today, and other leading publications.


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