How Treats Unleashed Improved Internal Communications Between 10 Retail Stores

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Teresa Miller is President at Treats Unleashed, a specialty business that provides all-natural pet solutions, high-quality pet supplies, and one-of-a-kind pet accessories in 10 locations throughout Missouri. Here, she relates how her company has achieved better communication with their intranet.

Likelihood to recommend Axero – 10/10

Axero is excellent for a small business and easy to scale as we grow so we will not have to change software with accelerated growth.

How does Treats Unleashed use Axero?

Axero is used as our corporate intranet across our whole organization. Axero has improved communication between our main office and retail stores as well as within each store.

What Treats Unleashed loves about their intranet.

  • Easy to use and understand – Staff with any social media experience picks this up immediately and uses the full set of features to communicate within their team and between teams.
  • Easy to set up – Installation support was excellent in getting us up and running quickly.
  • Excellent support – Questions are answered immediately and ongoing support is excellent to help us increase the use of additional features.

What could use tweaking?

Could be more calendar integration between teams/spaces.

[UPDATE: We added new calendar features since the publication of this case study. Learn more]

ROI on Axero investment.

  • Faster, more consistent onboarding. We host all training materials in an easy-to-access and easy-to-update space.
  • Better product knowledge = greater sales. We post training information about new products for immediate use by all team members.
  • Better communication within the store team translates to better customer service. Keeping part time team members up-to-date has always been a challenge. Now they are able to catch up quickly when they get to the store.

Why Axero?

We selected Axero for the excellent sales support, strong feature set and quick set up time. We were able to get started immediately and build out features as need required which led to faster execution and higher adoption rates among our team.

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