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Rating 4.5/5 | 53 reviews

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“Our go-to user-friendly intranet solution and collaboration platform!”

Rating 4.5/5 | 53 reviews

“We have better collaboration and better connection between team members.”

Powerful integrations make for easy roll-outs.

With Axero, you can seamlessly integrate your intranet software with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoom, Dropbox, ServiceNow, and all the tools you know and use.

Intranet Google Workspace

Create and edit Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms all from your intranet.

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Intranet Office 365

Sync files, edit and create Word, Excel, OneNote, and Powerpoint documents.

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Your brand, your design, your way

Login to happiness.

It starts with your brand. Our AdaptEngine™ technology makes it easy to customize your intranet so you can capture the look and feel of your culture without heavy coding. Convey your core values and exude an inviting and exciting energy everywhere. Your colors, your logo, your photos, your company—it’s all beautifully weaved together into one seamless experience that puts a smile on your face.

Your intranet becomes an extension of your brand with extensive design tools that radiates your company culture in every corner of your platform. With beautiful branding that makes people feel closer to your company, teams will take pride in their purpose and how they can contribute to the higher cause.

Put your company mission, vision, and values where employees get work done. Use rich media to spread the word. Create a culture space to tell the company story and create a sense of belonging and connection.

An engaged employee is a happy employee—and a happy employee is more productive, provides better customer service, and contributes to a thriving corporate culture. Through meaningful and targeted communications where people will see it, you encourage a work environment built on transparency and trust.

The employee experience is the heart of the digital workplace. Engage and empower employees to drive better business performance. Features designed for engagement, combined with robust employee directory tools, your people and the work they do drive your mission forward.

  • Increase engagement
  • Gateway to the company
  • Employee homebase
  • Show off your culture
  • Share company values
  • Promote unity
Team collaboration spaces
People search

Employee red scratchDirectory Discovery!

Imagine having all of your people together in one place, where you can search your company directory and find the people you need with the expertise and knowledge to get things done. Save time searching, be more productive, and increase the overall happiness of your employees with a platform that brings people together.

Quickly find the people you need with your new company directory. Fine-grained search options lets you filter based on department, location, job title, and much more. Reach out to colleagues immediately and work with speed and precision.

Your people are your greatest asset. Make it easier for them to find each other. Chat with people who have the skills to help out on a project and to get work done. Quickly form teams and expert groups to solve problems. Watch productivity soar when people can easily work together.

What if your people could create actual connections through your intranet? Now they can. Your intranet makes it easy to introduce and discover people horizontally and up and down the chain. Have personable profiles and highlight new hires. Your organization becomes more connected, more human, and more engaging. People are easy to find.

Integrates with all SSO providers:

Active Directory OneLogin Azure AD Okta SAML
Employee directory software
Employee profiles

Put a face to every name.

Go beyond the standard directory with profiles that show off your people. Your user profile contains personal, work, and contact information—making it simple to connect with and find anyone in your company. Upload your photo, list your accomplishments, and share your expertise. A directory made for people.

A more human workplace is a more productive workplace. Connect your people through an easy-to-use employee directory with rich profiles, an org chart, and a beautiful employee experience.

Power connections—and the relationships they create—by showing who’s who and how you might know someone. See who reports to whom so you can learn about your team and understand how departments are structured.

No matter what their age or background is, have a work environment where every employee feels connected to your organization—and their peers. Your intranet is designed to build stronger relationships with recognition tools, activity streams, and profiles that goes beyond the buttoned up experience.

Easily find and connect with people based on title, name, space or department. Tie your entire organization together with modern user profiles. Quickly find the expertise and knowledge you need to meet business goals. And boost employee engagement by tapping in to their skills and abilities.

  • Create custom fields
  • Sync with SSO
  • Customizable layouts
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Find contact info
  • Share expertise

Employee of the month lives forever.

Tools made for engagement. Use the built-in recognition and gamification features to keep your employees engaged and motivated. Assign a value to different activities and watch employees accumulate points for each one they complete.

Give and get kudos. Your employees can reward each other badges to say thanks, recognize a job well done, and recognize the achievements of others.

Tap into your mission and set up automated badges, so you never miss an opportunity to congratulate co-workers for achieving greatness. You can also set up badge challenges and let others work towards an award. Allow your entire community to see who received a badge and why—use storytelling to bring company values to life.

All recognition activity has its own homebase in your intranet so everyone can see what’s new. Scroll through different recognition programs, see who received a badge, from who, and why. Colleagues can comment and like this news, and work towards earning the same badge. When you give your employees the best tools for collaborating and contributing to your mission, you’ll get the absolute best from them.

The birthday widget shows who’s celebrating a birthday, work anniversary, or first day! Have a dedicated space to highlight these employees anywhere on your intranet. Never miss a chance to reach out to your coworkers.

  • Boost productivity
  • Job satisfaction
  • Employee happiness
  • Increase retention
  • Enhance loyalty
  • Team culture
Employee recognition software
Organizational Chart

Org-chart that builds itself.

Connect the dots. Understand your organizational structure. See who reports to whom. Your org-chart automatically builds itself. Quickly and visually understand everyone’s place in your company with dynamic branches that grow as you expand them. The best part? The org-chart syncs with your directory, so you never have to update it.

Click through your organization and see who reports to whom. Learn about how your company and employees are connected. As you click on hover cards, your chart expands, giving you the visual context of how your company is structured.

At a glance, see what your coworkers are working on, who they’re communicating with, and what they’re up to. See their interests, skills, and the content they’ve created and interacted with. When you know more about the people you work with, the company feels more connected.

Never worry about updating your org-chart, because it syncs with the information in your Active Directory or single sign-on. As your organization evolves, so does your org-chart.

Connections and relationships

You didn’t even know your colleague was a Nickelback fan … too. 🎸

Turn colleagues into friends by jump starting connections. Show off who’s who and how people might know each other. Your intranet is designed for people. Learn about your team, understand the person behind the role, and create lasting bonds.

Rich social and collaboration tools encourage real-time interactions and strengthens relationships between your employees. As they work on projects, co-edit files, or track cases, they can reach other as if they worked across the hall.

  • Direct and group chats
  • Employee hover cards
  • Comments and @mentions
  • Activity streams
  • Recognition and kudos

Move away from dull employee nametags to a directory that brings out personalities. Share interests, interesting facts, and professional details. Your employees can provide information about themselves—and bond with others over shared topics.

A connected crew goes the extra mile. That’s why people are the center of your intranet. When employees are connected to the information and people they need to get work done, everything becomes more human. Which means they enjoy their work more, they stay at the company longer, and they achieve fantastic results.


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